1006 hrs. Sitting on the bus as we roll towards Petaluma, CA for the next show. Yesterday was a day off reserved for driving the great distance from Aspen, CO to California.

The shows have been good and out here, that takes up most of my time to the point to where everything else takes a far more diminished priority. I think that is the way it should be. I enjoy being that single-minded and I think it makes the night onstage all the better.

Besides the show, I have been working on upcoming radio shows for April and May. Those are going very well and I will reserve the last two for all the new stuff that has hopefully arrived at the office in my absence, so I can make them as interesting as possible. I am looking forward to putting together some shows that will be challenging for us all. This weekend’s show is a great one, California specific. It is not easy to turn around the LA Weekly pieces with a show hanging over my head but I have now grown used to working in backstage areas with one eye on the clock.

Like a lot of people, I have been thinking a lot about the Trayvon Martin case. Not that anyone needs my opinion but it is interesting to me how close to the vest, to the point of non interest, the Sanford Florida police are dealing with all this. It’s hard to draw conclusions when there is not much information. We all have the same information, that is to say, what we can read and learn from whatever news sources. What is interesting to me is the spin that comes from any catastrophic event. Punditry is such a huge thing in our 24/7 news world. Some of the conclusions that people in the media are drawing from all this is fairly astonishing. Geraldo Rivera and his hooded sweatshirt comments, other commentators asserting that the outrage over the tragic death of Trayvon Martin is mere liberal anti-gun posturing is at best, laughable but in this case, there is absolutely nothing to laugh about. What I can’t get my head around is what seems to be a profound lack of vigor on the part of law enforcement and local politicians on the events, at least from the standpoint of public knowledge. I can’t think this is all boring to them. So, what is it? Those who say that this case is nothing and that there are bigger matters to deal with, you lost your chance to issue that argument as far as I am concerned. You lost that opportunity for traction when you wasted my time for days playing a non event video of the president, while still in college, introducing a professor about to speak. So, yes, this is a big damn deal. The killing itself, is not statistically unique—Americans shoot each other dead all the time. It does however, point out that America has a very long way to go from a socio-evolutionary standpoint. We’ll get there but we have to understand that there is a need to get there.

As if you needed to read any of that.

I will be heading to New Zealand, Australia and South Africa for a whole lot of shows several days from now. I am really looking forward to all that. But before that, there are three California shows on the schedule for this week. Soundcheck is only a few hours away.

Thanks for reading this.





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