DISPATCH   01-29-12 Saarbrucken Germany


1514 hrs. The snow has been falling for hours. The dressing room is cold but the heater is starting to kick in slightly. It’s a bit much to be bundled up with a hat on in a dressing room but this is Europe in the winter.

We left England a few days ago and have been in Ireland, Belgium, Holland and now into Germany. Shows have been going well and it’s a relief to have one a night. I am much better off on the road with an audience waiting every night.

Last night’s radio show wasn’t live, obviously. It’s membership drive time at KCRW. If you’re not a member, this is the perfect time to become one. We made a really good show for last night but forgot that it was drive time and for now, the show is shelved. It was all German music or songs sung in German, it was a good one. Perhaps we can use it later in the year. I would hate to see it go to waste.

I wish there had been more shows in England. There were a lot but it wasn’t enough and I have been getting letters on the topic. It’s nice to be wanted but it’s so great to not be able to get to all the places you want to. In most cases, it’s down to availability and scheduling. If it were up to me, we would have done another week in the UK. Perhaps I can get at some of those other places later in the year. In any case, thanks for the interest and I had a great time in England and Ireland.

Belgium and Holland are always great and again, I wish there would have been more shows in both countries. A Ghent show would have been good and as far as Holland, there were at least three more that would have been a good time. You get what you get and for that you must be grateful.

The other night in Eindhoven, I was at a venue called the Effenaar. It’s a new building but it’s the same name. I have done a lot of shows in that place, the older one, especially. Damn, there’s footage of Joy Division playing there in 1980 online. Anyway, Eindhoven is the town where Rollins Band soundman Theo Van Rock lives. He came to the show with the band’s guitar player Chris Haskett, who now lives in Holland. I see Theo almost every year but I had not seen Chris since 2006 as best I remember. It was good to catch up with them. We spent a lot of years together.

I like being on the continent of Europe and believe it or not, I will take the winter version over the summer version any time. Onstage in a few hours. Thanks for reading this. Henry




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