1742 hrs. The snow has been following us for a couple of days now. Last night in Oslo, it started in and has been coming down almost nonstop. Winter is definitely upon us.

The shows have been going very well. When I am out here, that’s all I am really thinking about. Do good shows every night, that’s all there is to do, everything else is either secondary or is to make the show better.

The audiences have been fantastic. Last night in Oslo was a great time. All of a sudden, the tour is twenty-one shows in.

Thanks to Road Manager Ward, I am learning about a lot of music and bands that I never would have if he did not make some very good suggestions. I have been listening to a lot of interesting music from Japan that he turned me onto over the last few days and will adding some of these artists to new play lists as I start building new radio shows for the upcoming months.

Yesterday in Oslo, we went to a great record store across the street from the venue. It was near closing and I didn’t have time to go through the bins more carefully. I would check out a two foot thick stack of records and not have heard of one single artist, it was very interesting. I grabbed some of the LPs that looked interesting and took them to the front and asked the man to play something from them. He did. I got them all. I can’t wait to hear them all the way through. I don’t even know the names of the groups, I will have to check them out post show tonight. It’s so great to still be able to get find interesting stuff. All these groups were Norwegian. I will have to drill down harder on groups from there.

Bus life has been good. It’s something I am very familiar with. I live on these things and in backstage areas hundreds of days a year and at this point, it passes for normal. The last few days have been very dark. This morning, even at 0930 hrs., the sun seemed to be setting.

The next few days will be spent here in Sweden and then up to Finland. I think Scandinavia is a fascinating part of the world. It’s very beautiful but also very remote and it’s interesting what that relative isolation does to the music, the art, film, etc. I guess now would be the perfect time to roll some Bergman.

I have a show soon and then another long drive through dark and cold. I must prepare.

Thanks for reading this. Henry




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