02-20-11 NYC NY: 1316 hrs. I am sorry for missing last week’s post here. Things were very busy on that day and literally every single minute of last Sunday was spoken for. That was a long day. This week has not been much different with office stuff by day and shows at night.

It’s Sunday and I have a show tonight. I must say, it’s throwing me off quite a bit to be here and have a show. It’s like living in two different worlds. The one I am in now is not live, one take. It is the other one, the one that has a show at 2015 hrs. that commands most of my attention, even several hours out.

The shows at the Largo over the last few days have been great. The audiences have been fantastic and the venue is perfect.

Last night was a challenge. I had to do the radio show as well as the show at Largo. I asked Chuck P to come in and sub so I could be on the road by 1900 hrs. and get to the show. He destroyed his Saturday night for me and I am grateful. I got out of the studio and hit the road. Something about rain and Los Angeles. No one wants to go anywhere and so they just sit in traffic and watch the rain. It took me almost an hour to get to the venue. Enough time to change up and walk out onstage. Good show, though. I am happy that I get to be there again tonight.

The protest in Madison is really great, in my opinion. It seems to me that all these people want to do is have an opportunity to negotiate and representatives had stated repeatedly that is all that ask for from Scott Walker. It’s great to see the First Amendment in action and the anemic efforts of the tea party types who are also using that same amendment but looking pathetic. It’s a complex issue and both sides of the argument have to sit down and deal like rational adults. I think that can be achieved. I hope for the best.

I have always relied on what I see on the streets as my barometer and guide. What I see cuts through politics and opinion. In 1984, I came to the conclusion that you have to have some options and America was an environment that one survives in and prospers in, often at the expense of someone else. You have to take care of yourself but be careful not to step on anyone else. It’s when I made the distinction between ambition and resolve. I would rather have more resolve than ambition as I think it’s harder to come by and takes a lot more core value to maintain.

Until next week. Thanks for reading. Henry




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