1610 hrs. I did not write anything last week as I had just gotten off the road and the transition wasn’t all that smooth. Jet lag for me, cuts both ways. It’s hard to deal with going east and it’s not a lot better for me coming back to the US. I have no memories of last Sunday.

Last week was a blur of meetings, press duties and deadlines. I was asked to write a piece for Rolling Stone Australia and so I did. They accepted the piece and when it goes to print, I will let you know here. I had multiple 5+ hour press sits. That kind of thing isn’t easy but we got it all done and that’s what’s important.

Engineer X, Will Bentley and I got together a few days ago and put together five radio shows for the next several weeks. I had been working on them all through Europe. Damn, that took a long time. I don’t just throw those shows together, a lot goes into it. Never all that easy but always worth it. I will be starting in on building new shows for April and May next week.

Over the last few days, it’s been somewhat difficult to remember that I am still on tour. This was a long break between legs, about a week. It should have been more like five days but the schedule broke it this way.

I am thirty-two shows into the tour and feel good to have that many in the books. It’s not a matter of getting it over with, that’s not what I am trying to do. It’s more of having put in the time to get the hardness that touring requires. I don’t want to be off the road too long and lose all that.

I think another week here would be too depressing. I am so glad we hit the road in a few days.

I was hoping to check out a lot of music last week but due to the schedule, I wasn’t given the chance. I got some listening in and what little I got was good. I am checking out a band called Hair Police at the moment. Our Minds Problems Vol. 5. I can’t seem to find a listing for it. It might not be everyone’s kind of music but it works for me big time.

I don’t think it is for me to hurl about any political opinions in this particular space but I will say that Rick Santorum is a fascinating piece of work. I say that because of the things he says. He has been doing a lot of speaking in the least two weeks, ever since he started getting more traction. He’s not a stupid man by any stretch but I can’t understand the strategy behind speaking to so many people and using the word “Satan” over and over. That should be in the guidebook on how to become elected to America’s highest office. “Don’t use the word ‘Satan’ when speaking to potential voters. It’s just too strange.” I think that advice would do him some good. It is an election year, so all kinds of things are going to be discussed but the whole Satan thing with Mr. S is very curious to me.

So, many US shows coming up. The new DVD called 50 will make its first appearance on this tour. It’s been back from plant for several weeks, sitting at the office, waiting for this leg of the tour to start. 50 was shot last year, on my 50th birthday. Ian MacKaye does the intro and the always wonderful Heidi “The Demon” May pushes me to the stage in a wheelchair.

I hope to see many of you soon. Looking forward to the shows. Thanks for reading this. Henry




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