02-28-11 LA CA: 2149 hrs. Yesterday was Sunday, the day I usually write this up. I spent about ten hours on the streets of Los Angeles shooting a thing for Drop In The Bucket. I got back from that and was too burnt to do anything else.

It was a blur of a week and weekend. I am gearing up to leave here in less than twenty-four hours, so I am a bit all over the place with final prep and nailing down all the details. I just finished two pre-tapes for the radio show. They came out well and I think you will really like the music we put together for you.

I can’t think of anything interesting to tell you about the week from my end. It was voice over auditions, meetings, deadlines and the like.

The world is in an interesting place though. Madison remains strong in the face of their state’s governor. Libya continues to roil. I think all this fills some Americans with a great deal of fear. What would be the downside of Middle Eastern countries becoming democracies? Who in America would possibly be against that? This is where it all gets very interesting to me. If Libya ousts their leader, if Iran gives their tyrannical regime the boot and they both become democracies and countries like Tunisia, Yemen and others follow suit, invading these countries is suddenly off the table. Those so interested can no longer marginalize and demonize Islamic majorities in these countries. Things would change on every level in American foreign policy.

As to change, it’s not coming. It’s here and it won’t be stopped. I can’t think of a better time to be alive and awake. The world is in transition. There will be some casualties, human, institutional and otherwise but at this point, this train has left the station.

Last Friday, I went to Shepard Fairey’s studio to check out an opening he was having there. Cool photos on the wall and some new Ray Pettibon art. Ray, who many of you know as the artist on the cover of some Black Flag albums and all those amazing flyers. He’s still working as hard as ever and his new stuff is just amazing. Of all the artists I have ever met, Raymond is the most amazing to me. He is prolific as hell and it’s all fairly amazing.

So, I am off to Australia tomorrow for four shows. I will be back in about ten days and then I will start in on the North American dates. I am looking forward to getting on the bus, heading out and seeing you all.

I can’t wait to get started.

One last thing.

Check This Guy Out Dept.: Young poet named Gray Joel. He sent me this link for his piece called Cut. Bleed. Wait. The piece is about three minutes, please check it out. I think he’s great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTzRU3KmJuE

I will write you next from Australia. Until then, thanks for reading this. Henry




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