1727 hrs. Backstage at the wonderful 40 Watt, one of the best small venues in America. I have done a lot of shows here and it’s always a great time. Very switched on audience in this place and I am looking forward to the show tonight.

The last few days since we got back out on the road have been busy and somewhat blurred. I don’t like being off the road for too long, especially in the middle of a tour. It’s like sleeping in a burning house. So, we are back to a show a night and all is well.

As much as I like doing a show anywhere, I am really not picky at all, it is good to be doing shows in America again. With all the things happening here at the moment, it’s great to be onstage and have all that information to work with. Of course, a European audience can understand anything I am saying, however the relevance of some of it might be up for debate.

Last night, we were in Birmingham, Alabama. I used to do a lot of music shows there but only started doing talking shows there fairly recently. It’s a great audience and the Work/Play venue is good. I wish more bands and others would stop there on their tours. I think the more bands and other stage dwelling types go through more cities, everyone is better off. It’s a transfer and exchange of ideas and culture. Everyone wins. It is hard to make the trip to some of these spots and I understand that there are myriad challenges on the road and not every place is accessible.

I have been getting a lot of letters asking why the tour is not here or there. This always happens. Please understand that there are many more dates being added and chances are, I will be fairly close to where you are. I try to get to all the regular spots as well as new ones, every time I go out. There is never enough shows for me on a tour. To me, this is what it’s all about.

Super Tuesday? Rush Limbaugh? It is what it is. The Romney/Santorum contest will be interesting in weeks to come. Rush upset some people with what he said about Sandra Fluke. It is not the nicest thing said about someone. It is a word that I use but only to describe myself, that is to say I call myself a work slut. Mr. L, what he said is what he says. He has his audience and those who dig him can find him on many different stations very easily. Everyone else who isn’t as excited about him can go do something else. To me, all this stuff is an elective. You can listen or not. That doesn’t make anything he says any less bad but he isn’t anyone I take all that seriously. Others do, that’s up to them. I am sure Ms. Fluke will put all this behind her and go onto many great things.

The bigger issues of reproductive healthcare and what’s covered in a comprehensive healthcare agreement is of far more importance. That we are even having these discussions in 2012 are ridiculous but it is an election year, so perhaps it’s just par for the course.

About forty shows into the tour with well over one hundred to go before the year is over. Thankfully, it’s one a night. I think two at the velocity I am hitting it every night would finish me. See you out there.

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