03-13-11 LA CA: 2000 hrs. Got at this a bit late today. Engineer X and I spent a good part of the afternoon working on a couple radio shows to have ready for the upcoming tour. We got them all done and now we’re set. They’re really good and I am glad to have them all in the can.

Last night’s radio show was good, it went too fast of course.

I have been watching the ever worsening events in Japan unfold. Seeing what the downside of nuclear power can be in a situation like this, I wonder what this means for the future of nuclear energy in the world. I wonder what the effects of the irradiated water from the Fukushima Daiichi plant will be on the soil and groundwater. It seems that no matter what awful thing happens in the world, it will be quickly broken down to the dollars and cents of it as the life and death element is sidelined. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out this week in the press.

I am not in any way trying to make light of the situation in Japan but I will keep as close a watch on how the events there are politicized here as I will on how things develop there. I am fascinated in how events are used as power points by the two basic political parties in America. It seems that nothing can’t be politicized. When you would think everyone would be just concerned with human life and what can be done, there are other concerns as well. How that plays out is of limitless interest to me.

Damn, Australia was a great time, as brief a visit as it was. If you were at one of the shows, thanks so much for showing up.

The North American shows start this Thursday. I can’t wait to get that going. I will be flying to meet the bus and we will drive up from the south to Harrisburg to start this thing off.

There’s a lot happening in America and the world at the moment. I hope you have the time to absorb it all. The Peter King hearings that started last week are another American low. I was hoping for a whole lotta job creation going on but it seems it’s Muslims, gays and women’s rights that need to get hammered on instead.

I still have some packing to do, so this will be short. I will see you soon. Looking forward to it. Thanks for reading this. Henry




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