1442 hrs. I am leaving for the airport soon. I got back here a week ago. Since I have been here on this brief between leg of tour sit, I have been getting a lot done but nothing much that anyone would find interesting. It was a blurred week of meetings, press, studio work, a photo session and re-packing.

The best part of the week was that Ian MacKaye and his family were in town, so we had a chance to visit some. Last night, we did the radio show, that turned out well. Those things often look really good on paper but when the rubber meets the road, it’s not always great but last night was very good. Ian brought some really great music. I have posted the show notes from last night on the site, so you can see what we got into. The show will be up on archive all week at KCRW.com.

I have been getting some letters, asking why these posts are not at their usual, weekly rate. First off, thank you very much for your interest in the first place. Matt C wrote me several minutes ago, asking me this very question. I thank you and I am sorry that I have been lagging on this front.

Touring seems to put me in a performance oriented tunnel of show after show obsession with doing it to death every night. It’s not always easy for me to get my head out of it sometimes. It’s not an easy thing to get out there every night and hit it. It’s what I do and what I like to do, of course, but it takes all I have. When Sunday rolls around, I am usually emerging from my bunk with either a show hours away or a day off in the middle of nowhere and I am looking for a gym to go to.

I will pull my head out of my ass a little better in the weeks coming up and get back into harness. There is an idea I have been working on, making notes and getting the shape of it together that I will post as soon as I can. I think you might perhaps find it interesting. It has to do with George Zimmerman and a possible new view of the Second Amendment. Not really about him but about where things might be going with privatization and law enforcement. As you know, nothing I come up with is any great intellectual leap but this might lead to some further thought on what is happening now and where things might be heading. I need some time when I don’t have everything else breathing down my neck. I will have some press days in Australia where I won’t have to be responsible for a show that night, maybe I can get it down then.

On tour, that’s kind of all there is for me—the show. That’s what it’s all about. I have found it hard to be creative in the hours pre-show. Night after night, I am behind the stage, pacing, working over things in my mind, trying to focus on what I will say. I don’t want to be half way up there, I want the show to be as great as I can make it. I mean, what else would you possibly want to do? Be sort of good? Anyway, it takes a lot of my time and sometimes, not a lot else gets done. I take all these books out with me on tour with high hopes of reading them and I do, but not nearly at the rate I would like. I am working on five of my own at the same time so when I am reading, I reckon I should be writing or proofreading, etc.

Anyway, I need to get a lot done before wheels up. Thanks for reading this. Henry




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