0852 hrs. Road Manager Ward and I are at the airport, waiting for a flight to Sydney. It’s a non day off without a show at the end. We will arrive in Sydney and almost immediately, I will start a day of press and get out of it around 1800 hrs. I am thinking about my dinner already.

The shows have been going well. We got to New Zealand almost two weeks ago and so far, we are nine shows into this leg of the tour with many more to do. There were four in NZ and then so far here, there have been four Melbourne’s and last night, here in Adelaide.

The shows have been sold out and the audiences have been great. There have been no days off that have not been travel and press but that’s ok. It’s always a lot of work on the NZ/Australian leg of the tour.

Where we are headed today, Sydney has been dealing with a sustained siege of shootings. Apparently, it’s a biker/drug situation. Sitting here, looking up at the screen, the news is reporting that there were more shootings last night. Also, I notice that Marine Le Pen is getting a small amount of traction in the elections in France, that’s still millions of votes.

For the last few days, I have been watching the travails of Ted Nugent. It’s a drag to hear the things he says. The line that got him Secret Service attention, I wonder what he really meant by it. If he is incapable of hurting anyone, as he says he is, then what was he trying to get across? I used to go see him play many years ago and they were some of the best shows I have ever seen. He is way out there now. Perhaps he was always this way. I have talked to him a couple of times, many years ago, it was cool to meet someone whose records I had played so many times. I saw him years later, opening for Kiss. When he was playing, he was great but between songs, he would say all this stuff that was really lame. Racist, homophobic. It really killed the show for me.

America is in an interesting place at the moment. Isn’t it always? It being an election year will make things memorable to say the least. I am looking forward to all the news pundits that disliked Romney who will now have to get in line to back the man up. I am sure they will find the right words. I like listening to Mitt Romney talk. He always sounds like he’s trying to talk someone out of kicking his ass or to not bust him for shoplifting. I am sure he’s got a lot of fans.

Thanks for checking out our very cool Happy Birthday Iggy show on KCRW last Saturday. A lot of happy letters came in from all over the world.

Time to get on the flight.

2230 hrs. Melbourne: Press done for the day. In the hotel room, listening the 2nd Neu! album. Two days from now, I have one more morning of press and then no more until South Africa.

I am glad to be back in Australia. It’s a great place. If you have never been, I hope you get a chance to check it out. One of the best music scenes anywhere and the great records just keep coming. I was at a record store in Melbourne the other day and got a lot of records that I will fold into our mixes for later this summer.

I am almost seventy shows into the year. I am glad to be this deep into it. It’s the best thing for good shows. I have to be all the way into something to get the best out of myself. At this point, I am all about the shows. That’s what it’s all about.

My night off is coming to and end. I still have quite a bit to do.

Thanks for reading this.






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