1309 hrs. On a plane out of Sydney, heading toward Darwin with about an hour before we land.

We have just finished the Sydney run of shows at the Seymour Theater, perhaps one of my favorite venues to be in anywhere. We are ten shows into the Australian run all of a sudden. The audiences have been great as usual.

We are back in the semi-awful ritual of a flight on a show day. Road Manager Ward and I were up very early to make this flight. We will get in with enough time to get a meal and head down to the venue to get sound and lights underway and then it’s show time.

This is as good as it gets as far as I know. There is a very taut discipline this routine keeps me on. For weeks at a time, with great exception, there is a show every night. There obvious limitations to this path. One has to work very hard to avoid getting lazy, as to getting out and about during the day and losing track of what’s happening in the bigger picture. I tend to go in and out of it. I spend a lot of time at the gym during the day and between that and the show at night, there is not a lot of time for a perhaps more widely sampled variety of input. I have to work at it as most of the time, I start focusing on the show around 1600 hrs. and that’s all I can think about—basically wondering how I am going to get through it without screwing it up too badly. As tunnel visioned as that can get, I think it’s good for me to be that zeroed on in the show. Why else am here or in any of these places? Balance is perhaps the most challenging thing to achieve when on a tour as long as this one is but on the other hand, I think it’s kind of cool to be so deep in on something, you lose a bit of objectivity. That’s when it’s all real.

I am seventy-two shows into the year. To me, the deeper into a tour is like achieving a higher altitude. You have to climb hard to get up into the thinner, speedier air. It is hard to get up here and once up, it’s a drag to come down out of it.

Looking out of the airplane, down upon Darwin as we make our approach. It’s a part of Australia I have been to only a fraction of the times I have been to other parts like Melbourne or Sydney. Landing.

1822 hrs. At the venue, really nice place. I looked at all my show records and they tell me that I have only been here twice. Once with the band and once on my own. As I remember, the shows were both at a place called Discovery, which I don’t think is around anymore. I don’t remember anything of the shows, all I remember was that it was hot here and was today when we went to the hotel. Darwin seems to be a bit of a vacation oriented destination. It’s very nice, there’s lots of hotels and restaurants. Lots of people at the outdoor bars. It reminds me slightly weather and appearance wise of Cape Town.

Show at 2000 hrs. After that, back to the hotel and early up to go to Cairns. Not looking forward to two more airports but that’s the way we will be traveling for the next few days. I am a little dazed from not much sleep last night but I am sure to be good for show time. That is the only choice you get.

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