2122 hrs. In a hotel. I got in about four hours ago from Perth, Australia. I forgot how long that flight is. Eleven hours. Not many people on the plane, so it was not bad.

I am in my room, listening to an album by Earth called Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1. Like any other album by Earth, it’s GREAT. Perfect hotel room listening.

I hope you some day get a chance to come to South Africa. The country and its people have been through one hell of a ride. The history is, I am sure, not something you are unaware of. This is one thing that happens every single time I am here: I meet some of the most shining examples of humanity. People who are so strong, kind, buoyant and amazing that I really have to check myself as to my sometimes less than sunny disposition.

Of all the places I have ever been, I think it is on the African continent where I have met the finest and strongest people. I am not exaggerating. It will knock you out when you get out here and see firsthand what I am telling you now.

So, all the Australian shows are done. I must say, I was very sad to leave the audience last night at the end of the last show in Perth. It was like twenty some shows there this time around and it was, as always, a great time. I found some great records, many of the bands names I can’t remember as I know nothing about them besides I liked what I heard. The audiences were stellar, as always. I am looking forward to the next round.

So, it’s only three shows here and then back to America for a few days and then we transition into Canada for almost the entire month of June. So many more shows to go this year. Wait until you see the poster Shepard Fairey has just finished for the autumn tour. It’s a great one. He has done it yet again. It’s looking like the shows will go all the way into December and then around the middle of the month, it will keel over, or I will.

Tomorrow morning, I have a day off from the stage but have a lot of press. This will be interesting as they will be either face to face or on the phone and not via e-mail as the last several ones have been. Perhaps real time interaction will produce some better results.

President Obama came out in favor of same sex marriage. I thought he was very careful to not to offend in his statement. I thought he chose his words very carefully and with great consideration. To all the people who are offended that the man would be ok with two same sex people tying the knot, you only offend yourself. No one is trying to offend you. Not the president or anyone else. Some people just want to be happy and be together in this very short life, that’s it. Billy Graham’s son said the president has shaken his fist at god. Oh, the drama. Rand Paul said, oh wait a minute, I don’t care at all what that corny coward says about anything. It’s all so troubling, isn’t it? Equality in the land of the free and the home of the brave is upsetting some people. Good. Great. Outstanding.

And then there’s Mitt Romney. He’s speaking all the time now! Republicans will be holding their noses with pliers to vote for this guy. Keep it up. It’s fantastic, I mean really.

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