0306 hrs. EST. I am 12hr 14m into the first of two flights. I will land in New York City in approximately two hours. From there, I will fly to Los Angeles and land there around 1200 hrs. PST. I am in seat 51D. Not too many people on the flight. Interesting conversations at take off. Different groups coming back to America, having seen things in Africa. A woman talking about seeing a mother elephant getting stressed because their safari vehicle was too close to the elephant’s baby.

The South African shows, all three of them, were really great. The last one was in Durban, a city I had never been to before. The promoter was worried that people wouldn’t show up as apparently, the Durban audience is known for clamoring for shows to go to, they often don’t show up when the performers actually arrive. Perhaps we were lucky, I don’t know what, but the place was packed out and they were a great and totally into it audience.

Perhaps some of you have seen my photo book Occupants. The book is dedicated to a man in South Africa named Afrika Monie. I was able to visit him in his township a few days ago and give him, as well as a man named Kenny, who is in the book a copy.

The New Zealand / Australia / South Africa leg was twenty-eight shows. I have a few days in Los Angeles to do some press, reconfigure my backpack and head out for Canada, where tour resumes June 1st in Victoria, BC. That will be about twenty shows and from there, back to Europe for festival dates in August.

It’s been interesting watching America from the great distance of where I have been of late. The sadder and perhaps less logical aspects of America come more to the forefront with the sheer distance between myself and the country. As an example I point to the case of Marissa Alexander, who was just handed a twenty year sentence for shooting a warning shot in front of her husband, who had abused her before. She didn’t shoot him but she’s going to do two decades of her life in prison. I can’t bear to think about this. Meanwhile, George Zimmerman is free on bail. Hey, it’s Florida and that’s how they do it there. 

Many hours later. Back in the office. Tired but wired. I will get out of here and see if I can do a few useful things before exhaustion takes me out. When I finish the leg of a tour, I always try to get a good bit of the packing done for the next one the night I get home, it’s a way to stay in the game. I’m on it.

Thanks for reading this. Henry




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