1545 hrs. Sitting on the porch. I am listening to a band called Dick Diver from Australia. I am on a serious Australian music bender at present. Eddy Current Suppression Ring, UV Race and Total Control albums have been on all weekend. There could be worse things to have happen to your ears.

I got back to USA last Tuesday. Up until about this morning has been for the most part, a jet lagged blur. Tomorrow night, all over the USA the Nat. Geo. Wild Channel will show the Animal Underworld special that we shot last year. I have been doing a lot of press for the shows, phone and in person. All this done on a profound lack of sleep. I had a couple of studio voice over sessions as well. One of them was for the expanded version of Max Brooks World War Z book, which I had worked on years before. More copy to do, so I went in and did that. Hung out with Max for awhile, very cool guy. His father made a few films you might remember.

By Friday evening, all these obligations were met and I was allowed to keel over slightly. I got in some great listening sessions this week, out of it as I was. Are You Experienced in mono was the stand out but all the Acid Mothers Temple and Uton records were great as well. New High On Fire album, excellent, the aforementioned Australian bands, all great listens. When I am off the road, that’s the highpoint of the time spent here, listening to records without having a show looming over my head. I listen to music in a completely different way when I don’t have to think about getting onstage. I would rather be on tour than not but backstage listening is a bit distracted as I am really concentrating on what I have to go out and do.

Tomorrow, I will be tweeting live during the Nat Geo special. This is Nat Geo’s idea. I don’t know how it will go. I will have to teach myself a few twitter tasks as I have never read any incoming tweets but they want me to answer questions that potentially come in. I will do my best.

For more info, pics, vids, etc.: http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/wild/animal-underworld/facts—fatal-obsession/

Those shows were a lot of damn work to do, I hope you check them out. I think we did a good job with them.

In a few days, the tour resumes in Canada for most of the month of June. It should be a great time. As much as I like sitting here, listening to some music, I would rather be on the bus, on the way to the show. Soon, that will be me.

Thanks for reading this.





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