1717 hrs. In a hotel room. We have been playing tag with the bus for the last day. We were in it yesterday and part of this morning. It went to Kelowna today and Road Manager Ward and I flew up here for a show.

This was the last show of the Canadian dates to be booked. It came in somewhat last minute. I was asked if I preferred a day off or a chance to come up here for a show. Lots of flights on show days, lots of hassle, etc. Of course, I said yes. I found out that not all that many bands or performer types make it up here compared to other Canadian cities. I have never been offered a show here and I will take a show pretty much anywhere, so this must be a little off the beaten track.

The landing here was amazing. It was snow covered mountains as far as I could see. The city has a rule that buildings can only go a few floors up, so it’s a very big sky here. I am sure the people who live here are used to all of this but seeing it for the first time is really something. I hope the show goes well tonight, it would be great to make this a regular stop on tour. More places to play, the better, always.

The bus we usually use was in an accident and so we have been given a different one for this leg of the tour as ours is getting repaired. It’s a strange configuration and not really good for what we need but it’s a bus and we’ll take it. I look forward to getting back on it and not having to be in so many hotels and airports every day. I did enough of that in Australia and while the shows were worth it, that kind of travel is not all that great with a show every night. We have two flights tomorrow on a show day and then things get back to normal.

We are two shows into the Canadian run. Victoria and Vancouver are behind us and they were both great. I am very lucky to have a cool audience up here. Last night in Vancouver was a blast. It’s a Sunday night, it’s not all that easy to get people to come out to a show on a Sunday, so we’ll see how it goes.

The week back in Los Angeles was for the most part a drag. It was great to be back on the radio live and it was good to get a chance to listen to some records but mostly it was restless and distracted. A lot of press and meetings, studio sessions and trying to stay in the game as far as remembering that I am still on tour. It’s not a good idea for me to spend too much time away from the tour once it has started but there was work to do back there.

It was a relief to be back on the road and it’s good to have a couple of shows behind me. This is my version of normal.

I am steadily pounding away on the second draft of the next journal book. It will be called A Grim Detail. It will cover 2009 – 2010. We hope to get the book out in November. We will do a signed edition and when we get more details on all that, we will let you know but be looking for a November release for this one.

It’s a Sunday and show time is at 2100 hrs. I don’t know how well that will go down with the audience. We shall soon see.

Thanks for reading this.





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