06-10-12 Canada: 2355 hrs. Sitting on the bus. We had something of a day off today. Basically, we hung outside of a hotel so our bus driver could get some sleep. We took off from Thunder Bay late last night and drove one and off for over 12 hours to get here. Soon, we will be back on the road again, another long drive to Kitchener. It wasn’t much of a day off and now it’s behind us.

I have been given momentary relief from all the political intensity in America for a few days by all the reportage of all the “oral aggression” cases. The flesh eating bath salts addled freaks. The reports are wild. You can read all about it. I wonder how many more people are going to get attacked before something is done!

06-13-12 Ottawa Canada: 1849 hrs. In the backstage area. Shows have been going well and it’s amazing how fast this leg is going. One day we were flying up to Vancouver and all of a sudden, we are eleven shows into this thing. We spent a few days going across the country in places that were somewhat remote, like Thunder Bay. That was a great night and I hope I get back up there again. We have like another ten shows here and then it’s back to America for a little while to do some other work and then gear up for the European festival dates.

The tour is almost one hundred shows in with many more to go. We will be posting future dates later in the summer.

I did some more research on the bath salts thing. It’s all very interesting. It seems to be in the same family as ecstasy, or MDMA. The “War on Drugs” has always been an interesting topic to me. I have come to the conclusion that drugs are around to make people mediocre and arrestable, weak and unable to realize their potential. I think it is what the man hands down to the people ensnared in the net below to keep them neutralized so they don’t realize how hard they are being screwed, climb the fences and take over. I am surprised that many people fall for it. That being said, I don’t think it’s a criminal offense to get high. I just think it’s a waste of time and it should be up to you to waste that time of yours. Saying that one is worse than another, that’s just so much crap to me. This “war” is merely for profit. There are many winners. If you use drugs, alcohol, etc., you’re paying someone. If you get busted for possession of a controlled substance or act out in a criminal manner, perhaps influenced by what you’re on, a private company will make money off you as they charge the Government for your upkeep in a private prison. They basically get you coming and going. It’s a great scam. Again, I don’t understand why so many people fall for it.

It is also interesting to me what is a crime and what isn’t. Selling heroin? Go to jail. Defraud millions of people and cause a financial meltdown on a global scale? Get a bonus. It’s crazy.

I have to get onstage soon, here in this church I am in tonight. Should be an interesting night, natural reverb, stained glass and wooden pews. The agony of the ass!

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