1205 hrs. Hell of a week with the SCOTUS ruling on the Affordable Care Act. Some people have it that some people “won” and others “lost” and it some what to gloat, that’s for them to do but I think it’s lame. Health care is a big damn deal in the America and what is done with it speaks to the very core of American values and what the America is as a country and a people.

Someone can take what I just wrote and debate either side of the SCOTUS decision. I did not read the bill, neither did you and neither did Paul Ryan. With any matter such as this, I always to go the place where I have an understanding. Like you, I understand the street and how people are and how things are in the real world.

I always come to the same conclusion. Small measures for big challenges. Isolate a small part of a bigger problem, claim this small part to be “the” item and then hammer away at it. To me, it’s always a bigger issue.

Bubba, a man with no health insurance, lives his kick ass American life. In the process, gets overweight, ruins his heart and respiratory system from taking bad care of himself. This is the man exercising his liberty, we Americans are big on that. One day, he falls down and goes boom. His family rushes him to a local emergency room where he is stabilized after what will later be diagnosed as some kind of heart trouble. He will spend a few days in the hospital. The bill is enormous. Can he pay it? Oh, hell no. Someone will pay. Not god, and not Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan gets his healthcare paid for by me. Who pays for Bubba? Me. A sucker who pays for his health insurance in full. My rates go up because Bubba will not be told by the damn government to do anything, again, the liberty kicking in. Seems to me, if Bubba was down with the whole liberty thing, he would be ok with dying in the parking lot of the hospital, being the rugged individual he is. I am Bubba’s life support system. Bubba, who calls the president a nigger, gets his fat ass bailed out by me. There is not a day in the week I am cool with that but that’s how it is. Paul Ryan and his ilk have no good answer on how to remedy that because their profit lies in the problem itself. That is their answer.

A solution? Sure, here’s one: Bubba needs to be taught at an early age, how his body works and how to take better care of it. Bubba needs to understand that being a rugged individual actually takes a lot of work and if you’re going to do it while being poor, you will have to be incredibly rugged, more rugged than Americans are asked to be. Bubba will need to be rugged like millions of people in India. Now THAT’S rugged. Mali, Sudan, Cambodia—rugged like that. Can Bubba handle that? Hello no he can’t. Can I? I don’t have to. I have health insurance and in my attempt to be a responsible spoke on the American wheel of Progress, I try to take care of myself so I do not burden others. It’s how one conducts oneself as an individual and a citizen of the UNITED States. See, I can multi-task.

Simply put, if you have a for profit health care delivery system, there will be winners and losers. I can handle that. Can Bubba? He just proved that he cannot.

Paul Ryan says that healthcare is not a government granted right but one that comes from nature and god. He says he got this from reading the Declaration of Independence, obviously inferring that all those in disagreement with him are against this eloquent Jeffersonian writing. Ryan is perhaps making reference to the first part of the Declaration of Independence. Read it if you have not. It’s as if he didn’t even read to the end of the paragraph! Talk about grasping at straws. Pathetic. Unfortunately for Paul Ryan and his bros, they have no ideas except their old ones which are going to be hard on a lot of Americans. I can handle it. I saw these pussies coming when I was twenty-three in the summer of 1984, that’s when I saw all of this and how it was going to play out. By then I had been to countless American cities, walked through them and saw how there was more and more poor and a select few above the fray and I realized that people like me were an endangered species. I got it and planned accordingly. Bubba, not so much. Paul Ryan is not on Bubba’s or Jefferson’s side and it’s hilarious to think that he thinks he can sell that to someone besides Bubba, who I bet has never read the aforementioned document or the bible. 

Jefferson, who Paul Ryan claims to be such a fan of, also said that Democracy isn’t going to work without an educated populace. Paul Ryan and his kind are not rugged individuals by any definition but they absolutely know who is thickening their wallet and so he and his gang do what they are told.

This to me, is where things are. You have a lot of people living in America. To keep everyone healthy, if that’s what you really want to do, you will have to be very smart and very fair. I really don’t think this is part of the Paul Ryan plan. So, you must choose to be one of the winners or one of the losers. Most people would want to be on the winning side. How do you “win” in 2012 America? That is the question. I think it comes down to if you think as “I” or “we”. “I” is easy. “We” is really, really hard.

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