1138 hrs. At the airport. Long day of flying ahead to Los Angeles.

The last several days have been busy, Nat Geo busy. We get it done, no matter what. The days have been long but we’ve seen some interesting stuff.

Perhaps the most compelling was a Pentecostal church meeting we filmed last Saturday night. It took quite a long time to convince the pastor that we had no intention of making fools of them. Finally, he gave us access to the meeting and we traveled to Kentucky out of North Carolina to check it out. We were hoping to shoot this last year but it fell through.

The meeting lasted almost three hours. Music was played almost the entire time. Venomous snakes were handled, people spoke in tongues, it was all pretty intense for a first-timer.

I am not a religious person and I can’t say that I understand what these people were going through during the meeting but the sincerity of these people can’t be questioned. It’s their thing. The church is located off a quiet road, they are not disturbing anyone. It would be easy to drive by and not know what’s happening in the small building three times a week.

I talked to many of the people afterwards and they were extremely friendly and thanked us for coming by. Thankfully, National Geographic isn’t in the business of denigrating people, so I think the footage will be cut together really well. Not many outsiders get to see these meetings, so I feel very lucky.

We are almost done with all the shooting outside shooting for these shows. Tomorrow, we start on the in-studio shoots in Los Angeles. That will be a long day but its work that must be done.

Due to the all-out nature of this work, I have not checked out much happening out in the world. These days are long and they start very early. Until last night, we were all operating on a few hours of sleep a night. Perhaps this week, I will have a chance to catch up on things.

I get back late tonight and will hopefully have some time to square things away somewhat. The next few days are some of the last clear days before things get very busy for me. I make sure things stay pretty busy all the time but things will be taking a few ticks upwards as the August festival dates draw near and the next book gets ready to drop.

During the last few days, I have been taking naps in between set ups, two to three minutes at a time, I am good at it but also see that I can always go harder than I think. This kind of work demands it. I have been enjoying the challenge of these long range shoots.

We are live on the radio next week. I have not started on the show but will begin on it on the Atlanta to Los Angeles flight. Hopefully, there’s some new records waiting for me at the office that I can fold in to the mix.

Ok, time to board soon. I am going to take advantage of the free internet and access the site.

Thanks for reading this. Henry




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