2006 hrs. I think it’s interesting, all the noise being made about Romney and his years at Bain and if he was in charge in 2002 or whatever. I know for some, it’s a big deal. I am sure it’s not nothing but to me, it’s a little of parsing and nailing someone because they didn’t cross a t or dot an i. Like I said, I know it’s more than that but all the same, there are bigger fish to fry with this guy.

It’s what Romney did at Bain, how he made his money, that which is unspinnable, that’s what should be put under some scrutiny. It is awful what he and his crew did to so many companies and people. These are the Americans he wants to take care of. It’s easy to see how he goes about doing that and it’s not a pretty picture. There’s nothing hidden about it because it’s not illegal, just awful. Look, here’s Real Americans talking about Bain and Romney: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLWnB9FGmWE.  I don’t care about the “retroactive retirement”  business as much as I am not a fan of what he really does for a living. 

Republicans and conservatives can’t be overjoyed with the idea of Romney. I think it’s more of an “anyone but Obama” than a real affection for Mitt Romney. He’s an odd one, that’s for sure. Reading people defend him is very funny to me.

What is of great interest to me, of course the media didn’t spend much time on it but there was an article I saw a few days ago that talked about the growing alliance of Iran and Iraq. This is worth reading: http://www.veteransnewsnow.com/2012/07/15/iraq-iran-ties-grow-stronger-as-iraq-rises-from-the-ashes/

I know that people like John McCain and other hawks want to go in to Iran. I know that a lot of them want to get back into Iraq. Rick Perry governor of Texas said if he was president, he would send the soldiers back into Iraq. These guys are not done over there yet. Some might say that that the neocon agenda failed in Iraq, seeing the growing bond between these two countries. I wonder if that wasn’t the plan in the first place. To create a bigger adversary and be able to have another war that could last for decades and cost trillions of dollars. A conflict that is of such size that the American Military forces wouldn’t be enough and they would have to utilize private security types and the game could resume. What if the neocon agenda was on a much more massive scale than what was previously conceived? The president pulled American forces out of Iraq. This had to have angered all the companies who make the equipment of conflict. With the next republican president, America will be back in that part of the world inside of a year of his or her first term.

I have been working every day on the next book and initially, I thought that we were going to have a November release but now I think that it will be a few weeks later. Chapters of the book are picking up as much as ten thousand words, so things are moving forward but it’s becoming more involved than I had anticipated. I am doing 9 to 5 work days on the thing, taking breaks out to work on radio shows and other stuff but not a day goes by where I am not hammering away at this manuscript.

Soon, I will be back out on tour. First stop is Europe for all the festival dates I have signed on for and then back to America for the September to December dates. After the Capitalism tour is over, I will immediately start a series of multi night stands in a few major cities. That will take me to December 1, where the tour will end after five nights at Largo in Los Angeles. About another ninety shows before the year is over.

Thanks for reading this. Henry




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