0112 hrs. I spent the day at the office, getting things squared away so I could get out of town for a couple of weeks and this was the last detail. I will have to finish this on the other end of my journey later today, I am just too beat to put much down here at the moment.

In several hours, I am heading to Scotland for some shows. The basic schedule looks like this:

15. Fly to Scotland
16. Arrive Scotland
17. Edinburgh / press
18. Show: Edinburgh Scotland
19. Show: Edinburgh Scotland
20. Travel
21. Show: Belfast Northern Ireland
22. Travel
23. Show: Cork Ireland
24. Show: Galway Ireland
25. Travel
26. Show: Reading UK
27. Show: Leeds UK
28. Travel to USA

I am looking forward to the shows. I wish I was doing more shows at the Edinburgh Festival but that will have to wait until next year, when I will hopefully be there for a few weeks. I think this will be my fourth time at this festival. It’s becoming one of my favorite tour rituals.

The KCRW Pledge drive is in full swing. We had a blast during our shift last Saturday night. If you are a listener but not yet a member, I hope you become one.

My brand new book, Occupants is now available for pre-order. All advance orders will be signed by me. Please go to this site and read the thing I wrote about the book. We worked hard on this one and are very excited to hear what you think. http://static.musictoday.com/store/bands/1821/images/occupants.html

I have been making a lot of notes for some writing that I want to get done. I am hoping that I will be able to get some solid writing time in this coming week. I have some travel days that are not too hard to deal with and I am hoping for some good gyms and a few uninterrupted hours to nail down some things that I will post when I get them done.

I am going to grab a few hours of sleep and write more here either en route, on the other end of the journey, or perhaps both. Thanks. Henry




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