1317 hrs. I didn’t get a chance to write in last week. I was on an airplane and due to a profound lack of sleep, a little unable to connect the scattered dots rolling around.

If you go to this site:


You will see all my writing for the LA Weekly. On Mondays, they post the next piece that will run on Thursday in print. I have a fairly complete re-cap in that piece that will be up there at some point tomorrow. If you read that, it will keep me from having to write it all out again here. Thanks.

I have been in airports and taxis a lot in the last several days. I just got back from Washington DC a couple days ago. I was out there to see the Evens play at Fort Reno, it was a great time and there was a ton of people there. I was only there for the show, the whole thing was pretty disorientating but it was totally worth it.

Last night’s radio show went well but as always, it went too quickly. Post show, I stayed on the road and drove to get some food and groceries. I didn’t want to go back to the house, still feeling restless from the show and the trip to DC.

The deaths over the Americans in Afghanistan has overshadowed everything else on my mind as soon as I found out. As you know, the loss is bad enough but it’s only a part of a bigger problem with America’s occupation of that country and America’s overall military posture in the world. I was up until about 0339 hrs this morning making notes on this topic as I want to write about it later today.

On Tuesday, we will start the pre-sale on my book, Occupants. It is making its way to America now. It should arrive in early September. I will be signing a limited edition of them in mid-September and they will go right out to all those who ordered in advance. The book will hit stores in early October. This particular book was a lot of work. It took about seven years or so to complete and it’s different than other books I have done. I hope you dig it.

Some folks in the UK are seeing tickets on sale for shows next year. This is prompting other people to write in and ask what is happening with the tour. Here’s a little information and basic outline: the tour will be called The Long March. I thought that was a good name as the thing will be about fourteen months long.

The rough plan looks like this so far:

January - UK
February – UK / Europe
March – USA
April - Australia
May – Australia / South Africa
June - Canada
July – TBA
August – Europe
September – USA
October – USA
November - USA
December – USA

A lot of shows in all these territories are booked or close to it. As soon as things lock in more solidly, I will let you know. It’s going to be a lot of shows, a lot of planning and it’s not all that far off. If you are curios about any of this, perhaps it’s better that you just let the shows get announced, rather than send in questions. You know me, if I can get to your town or close to it, I will.

Next week is KCRW’s membership drive. I know a lot of people tune out and why wouldn’t you, it’s a lot of people just asking you for money nonstop. You know enough to know that it’s very serious and that it’s you who keeps the station going. That being said, I try to make my two hours a good time. Last time, some of you heard all the things I had prepared for the show. Engineer X and I have been in the studio working on things that will be exclusive to next week’s show. We still have more work to do and will be hitting it again on Tuesday. This coming Saturday will definitely be different than our usual assault, so please tune in if you can.

Tuesday Afternoon, we will post the pre-order thing. We will send out the announcement to our mailing list people and I will tweet a thing about it, directing people to the site page.

Thanks for reading this.





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