0740 hrs. The week got away from me. I was in the air last Sunday and it was not all that good for writing on the plane, cramped quarters and all. I go back to Los Angeles and have been busy and this entry got away from me.

The shows in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England went well. It was good to be back on stage after a few weeks. The hardest shows were the ones in Edinburgh because I didn’t want to leave the city. Hopefully, next year, I will have the chance to do more shows at the Edinburgh Festival. It has turned into one of my favorite parts of the tour.

I have been some communication with Damien Echols and his wife Lorri. They are doing well and enjoying life. Not everyone is happy about the West Memphis Three getting out of prison. Here’s a letter I got a couple of days ago, it’s word for word and as is usually the case, the letter was unsigned.

Thanks to you and other lame liberal idiots, the state of Arkansas,unable to retry the case with old, misplaced evidence and the prospect of high priced Hollywierd supported defense attorneys had to let the REAL killers free with Alford.pleas and only 18 years of prison time served.  Thanks asshole!  I guess in your mentally ill, libtard world those three murdered little boys cries for mercy while being tortured are not as important as a “Wican” murderers rights! 

By the way those 50 year old aches and pains, anxiety and sleepless nights you are now starting to endure will only WORSEN as your nearly spent body prepares to die on you leaving you with an E ticket straight to hell.  Your Godless, wisdom phobic deeds have earned you a date with your earthly master Satan.  He will be waiting to hog tie you just like those 8 year old boys were!  But your torture will be for eternity!  I cannot believe I used to think such a dickhead was cool in 1983! 

p.s - You are a low I.Q looking IDIOT.

Back in the fact-based world, things are much better now .

I have been preparing for the last quarter of the year, which will be busy all the way to the end. Soon, we will be posting instore appearance information for October and other live things that will be happening in December.

As to what’s happening in October: I am doing a handful of instore hang outs to shamelessly promote my new book, Occupants. To my knowledge, I have never done anything like this for a book. Could be interesting. It’s always interesting to hang out with you all, so I am looking forward to it. I will hang out at these places as long as they allow. Sometimes they kick you out of the place after a certain point, we’ll do the best we can.

If any of you check out my radio show on 89.9 KCRW FM on Saturday nights, you know that the show time is 1800 hrs. to 2000 hrs. On September 10th, our start time will move to 2000 hrs. That is to say, we will be on at 8 pm to 10 pm. It will be interesting to see what the show will be like at that time slot. Probably two hours later than it used to be.

I will be heading off to Haiti in a few hours. I will be there for a week, checking things out, seeing what I can learn. I will report to you from there if possible.

This weekend’s radio show will be a great one, I hope you get a chance to listen to it.

Pre-order information for Occupants, my new book, is available here: http://static.musictoday.com/store/bands/1821/images/occupants.html

Sorry this thing was late getting out the door. Thanks for reading.





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