1521 hrs. It has been awhile since I wrote one of these. I really do aim to one a week but sometimes things get ahead of me and the Sunday afternoon I usually assign to this task gets eaten up by other things and I run out of time.

What I has been taking away the Sundays of late has been working on radio shows for the upcoming weeks that I will be on tour. A lot goes into each show and I don’t want to merely throw songs together and make a list. It might sound ok but it’s not the way I want to do the show. So, a lot of time has been spent on those.

I am in Honolulu now, waiting to get to the venue, get soundcheck happening and get onstage for the first show of this Capitalism tour.

I am sure I have written you about this one before. I will be in every state capital all the way to the eve of the election in November. Tonight’s show and the one in Juneau, AK are the two most challenging geographically, so we are going to those first. There is information on the site about all the dates, tickets, etc. Shepard Fairey did a great poster for the tour that is all finished and on the tour bus now as it makes its way to Washington state.

It’s been an interesting few weeks. News wise, lots of good and bad and out there. It is not for me to tell anyone who to vote for. I think it’s extremely rude to do that in any serious manner. I only hope that if you are eligible, that you will. Who you vote for is none of my damn business, I just hope that you do it.

The RNC has passed and now it’s time for the DNC. I watched the RNC proceedings with more interest as I find these people fascinating. Ms. Romney’s speech was very difficult for me to get through. She registers as very artificial to me. She sounded so forced that I felt bad for both of us. Mr. Eastwood’s thing with the chair, well, wow.

I found it interesting that in Clinton’s speech, I heard something that I had been thinking about that I was going to talk about onstage and some of the upcoming shows. He said that he was never able to hate Republicans and couldn’t understand the level of hatred coming towards president Obama. I have been thinking about that a lot. I didn’t agree with the last president much but I didn’t hate him. I hate one American but it’s a somewhat romantic hate. I hate John Wilkes Booth. I will always wonder what America would have been like had president Lincoln had more time. I think it perhaps infuriates some that president Obama doesn’t throw it back at them. They can’t seem to get to him, which I think is pretty cool.

Who will win the election? I don’t know. At this point, one side makes me think that there are some ways forward and the other side makes me think that they want to blow things up. Until then, it’s going to be a lot of drama.

I hope you get a chance to get out to one of these dates coming up. I have been on the road on and off since January and am 115 shows into the tour. So far, it’s been great but I am anxious to get onstage tonight and get back into things. I have been off the road for about a month, post Edinburgh and while it was good to get things done in Los Angeles like the radio shows and all, I am much better off out here.

I am going to cut and paste something out of one of the show notes from a couple of weeks ago because I just don’t want to write it twice. There are five Saturdays in September this year. We have four more to go. Here is what is planned radio-wise:

September 08 – Week #02: In honor of the passing of Jimi Hendrix in September of 1970, we will start our Hendrix Marathon. Hour 1 is Are You Experienced in mono. It sounds incredible. Hour 2 is bands from Washington state, where I will be heading to after my show in Alaska.

September 15 – Week #03: This show is going to rip!!! In hour 1, we rock Axis: Bold As Love in mono in then in hour 2, we debut the new Dinosaur Jr. album I Bet On Sky in its entirety. I will be released the following Tuesday but we get it first! Do not miss this show.

September 22 – Week #04: We start our show with Hendrix’s Electric Lady Land album but dig this, we will be playing alternate takes and mixes of the songs with the exception of two tracks I couldn’t find alts of. So, it will be a different take on this classic double album. A couple of songs had to be omitted for time’s sake but we will still get a lot of the album played in alt form. Hour 2 is a great mix of all kinds of stuff, including a track that Ty Segall sent me a few days ago that I think you’re going to like.

September 29 – Week #05: Our first hour will be some of my favorite Jimi tracks from across his catalog, none of the tracks from earlier in the month, of course. I think you’re going to dig this hour. Hour 2 will be that thing we do so well, the mix.

These shows are all done and the music is really good. Remember that a week from this weekend, we will listen to the new Dinosaur Jr. album, I Bet On Sky in its entirety in the second hour.

I also wanted to give you a heads up on my pal Joel’s new music book called The Music Obsessive’s Guide To Life: Volume 1. Joel took it upon himself to write about an album a day. It’s not a paragraph here and there. It’s some serious work. Joel is a serious music fan and what makes it even better, he’s a very, very good writer. You can check it out here: http://thedailyguru.net/Merchandise

A podcast I did with a guy named Zach for Food Is The New Rock: http://www.foodisthenewrock.com/post/27906053173/podcast-episode-7-henry-rollins

An interview I just did with one of America’s best investigative journalists, Jason Leopold from TruthOut:  http://truth-out.org/opinion/item/11085-hard-travelin-with-henry-rollins-an-exclusive-interview

Now that we are back on the road and things are interesting again, I will be keeping up with this a lot more. We have a cameraman out with us who will be covering the tour, there will be segments up every day. That launches soon and I will let you know. There will be more tweets as to shows and other stuff coming up @henryrollins is the address for that.

Ok, I have to get ready to get down to the venue and get this thing rolling.

Thanks for reading this.




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