1530 hrs. I am sitting at Dischord House. I have been coming here for thirty years now.

I have been in DC for a few days now. I had two days to hang out with Ian MacKaye and then this morning I had voice over work for National Geographic. Later today, I will go to their offices for a wrap party and then a few hours from now, hit the road down to Crozet, VA to Musictoday, where I will sign all the copies of Occupants, my new book. It just arrived there. I have not seen it yet, I am very much looking forward to checking it out and getting them out the door.

It’s been great being back here. The weather has been good. I wish I had one more day to do some more walking but I’ll be back in October for my show at National Geographic’s theater.

Yesterday was one of the best days this year. Ian and I spent the whole day at the National Archives and the Library of Congress. We have some connections there and were allowed to check out some very cool artifacts. At the Archives, we looked at Washington’s Inaugural Address, written in his own hand, Lincoln’s letter to Congress announcing that Grant was in charge of all the Union armies, letters from Jefferson, a rough draft of the Bill Of Rights, with deletions and notes written all over it. I am sure all this stuff is online but to have it in front of us, so cool.

From there, we went to the Library of Congress and spent a long time there checking out old books and records. In the audio department, one of the guys pulled out a white label promo copy of the first Stooges album date stamped Aug. 69, it was in pristine condition.

I have to get into traffic and down to the National Geographic building, so I better head out there.

Thanks for reading this.





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