1601 hrs. Sitting on the bus. It’s a day off in overcast Lansing. The Capitalism tour is going very quickly. It is about half way done.

I am sorry that I have not written more and send out to you but honestly, the days are extremely busy pre-show and there are a lot of people out by the bus afterwards and by the time I get on the bus, I am pretty worn out.

That being said, all is well out here. The shows have been great and the audiences have been amazing. I have met many people on this tour. I have heard a lot of stories and learned a lot of things. That’s probably the best part besides doing a good show. When you hear what other people are going through, the challenges they face and how they are handling things, it’s a lot to take in but ultimately inspiring.

I don’t know if you had a chance to watch the first presidential debate. I did and my take away seems to be at great odds with what was posted by almost all the pundits. I watched the fluffy MSNBC afternoon hosts condemn the president’s performance. I found it strange and wondered if we were watching the same debate. Obviously, an opinion is just that but it occurs to me that the president was being presidential the entire time. I don’t think it’s for the president to get in someone’s face. It’s not talk radio. The whining over why the president didn’t comment on Mr. Romney’s recent 47% comment seemed to create the most consternation amongst the punditry. Really? You think the president of the United States should try to play gotcha over a taped conversation from a fundraiser? I think that would have been a letdown. Again, just my opinion, I think the president allowed Mr. Romney all the rope he needed to hang himself. As evidence of that, the fact checkers went nuts the next day calling out Mr. Romney on all the inaccuracies of what he said. I think the president understands that the more Mr. Romney talks, the worse it will be for him. If that’s the case, I agree. I thought Mr. Romney only amplified his already massive hollowness even more. If you don’t agree, that’s damn fine with me but I really think the president is playing all of this from a much different position.

It is here in Lansing that I am finally experiencing some real fall weather. It’s cold and gray here. I am glad to be out of the heat finally. I am glad to be out here, glad to have a show almost every night and an audience to account to.

As the weather gets colder and the tour winds down, I wish it was just starting. It always hits me around this time. For now, I have a lot of shows and that’s as good as it gets.

Here is the site to see all the on tour videos we are shooting every day out here: 


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