2132 hrs. I in a room at a hotel near the Philadelphia airport. It’s one of those hotels that is next to nothing but highways and other hotels. My hotel is low on food and coffee. I have been to three other hotels in search of these things at different points today.

I have been out on the road for a few days now. All this month, I am doing signings for my new book, Occupants. So far, I have been to Washington DC and Pittsburgh. The DC event was really cool. I did a slideshow presentation of photos at National Geographic’s theater. The photos looked really cool on the big screen. Yesterday, I was at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

The people I met were very cool. The only drag was a couple of hacks who brought several copies of the same photograph to get signed so they can sell them later. I encounter these people fairly frequently, it’s always a drag. The last person in line was the biggest surprise and biggest bummer. After three hours of signing things, a young girl, like nine years old comes up with a stack of black card stock paper and asks me to sign them for her father. He sends in his kid! What can I do? I sign the sheets and she takes off. What a scam. That kind of ruined the overall experience but what can you do. The Warhol pieces the museum had on display were really cool. I had never seen his work up close like that before.

Tomorrow, I will be at Repo Records in Philadelphia at 1600 hrs. From there, off to New York for meetings, press and more in-store stuff. Schedule information is here:


I am enjoying the energy that some news outlets are exerting, trying to downplay the ever increasing numbers of people amassing at the Occupy sites all over America. If these people were not having an impact, then outlets like Fox News couldn’t be bothered. The fact is, they are bothered, they are quite bothered, they are also very scared. Ultimately, law enforcement can easily disperse these people and the corporate news outlets will dependably turn their cameras away and not report what really happened. Winter is coming and temperature drop will be a factor. I think the banks, news carriers and Wall St. better buckle up. I think it’s about damn time. It will be interesting to see what the president of the United States has to say about all this. He will have to go long on the topic at some point, no doubt, this will come up at several if not all campaign stops he’ll be making. The Tea Party at this point is a co-opted Koch Brothers weekend outing for the elderly and information deprived. This Occupy thing is a whole different thing. They can’t control it and it’s making them crazy. Republican cowards like PJ O’Rourke are trying to write off the protestors as hippies with bongo drums. Not this time. The president dropped the ball. The people picked it up.

Alice Bag Book News! Dept.: Alice Bag, of LA’s famous band The Bags, has released a book called Violence Girl. I have a copy on the way, really looking forward to checking this one out. Alice was there at the start of the LA Punk Rock scene. What she has to say about LA music comes with a lot of authority. Here’s the info: http://www.alicebag.com/news.html

I got a lot of letters about last night’s radio show. Thanks for checking it out. I will be seeing at least a few of you in the next few weeks as I work my way west. I look forward to it. Thanks for reading this. Henry




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