2200 hrs. In a hotel room near the airport. I was supposed to be in Chicago tonight. Something was wrong with my ticket and I was told I wasn’t on the flight. I couldn’t get any other flight out, so back to the hotel I went.

The instore signings have been going well. A lot of people show up and they have been exceedingly cool. Getting in and out of town, all the airports and train stations take it out of me but I like it. I am happy to live like this so it’s not a problem going place to place.

On the afternoon before the instore in New York City, that’s the one I did with Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, who was fantastic, I went down to hang out at Occupy Wall Street. I was there until I had to go to the bookstore.

I talked with a lot of people for quite a long time and learned a lot. Most of the people I met there were young and very determined. It was encouraging to see all the signs up, what they were addressing and how many people were there. Reading about what happened the next day, when I was Boston, that’s crazy. There’s some wild footage on the internet of the police taking their horses into the crowds. I feel bad for those horses.

I would like to know how those orders to the police come down the chain of command. I would think there is a protocol, it’s not like the police can just go out there and improvise. It seems that in the last few days, the police have upped the level of their aggression towards the protestors. I wonder if that’s coming from Bloomberg and what the thinking is behind that. I wonder if the mayor wants the protestors to start pushing back so he can start tear gassing them at en masse or worse. I wonder if thinks he can make all this go away by having the cops push some people around. I don’t know if that’s going to work.

I also wonder about the approaching winter. I asked some people at OWS and heard two basic scenarios. One is that there will be some people who will dig in for the winter and just deal with the cold and then there will be others who fall back and return in the spring.

If this goes into next year, which there’s a great chance that it will, the different Occupy sites will have some months to do some networking, planning and the thing could be record breaking huge. Seeing all the similar protests happening elsewhere in the world, this could be really something to deal with six or seven months from now.

I have noticed that the Fox News people are getting very angry. They were making fun of the OWS people a week ago. That’s over with, now they’re just mad. It’s interesting to see them losing their cool.

For any of you who have showed up at any of these appearances over the last couple of weeks, I really want to thank you for taking the time out. It is truly great to see you there. Chicago, Minneapolis and Seattle are coming right up. See you soon. Thanks for reading this. Henry




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