1702 hrs. At the venue. I really like this place, Yoshi’s. It’s a great room, great staff and really good food. Tonight is the last of the three shows here. Tomorrow, I fly to Los Angeles to start the shows there.

There are less than ten shows left on this tour. For some people who tour, that might be good news, for me, it’s depressing. I really like doing shows and it’s too bad that the tour is coming to end.

The audiences have been fantastic and the residency shows make it all the harder to let this thing go. I will be onstage at Largo for five nights straight, so there is still plenty to go but all the same, at 180+ shows and 19 countries since January, it will be hard to stop.

Election night commentary at this point isn’t all that interesting. It was fun to watch the whole thing wind down by checking it via the Fox News channel. Seeing them “lose” was funny. I think they knew what was going to happen weeks before it did but they have to string along their followers so they will keep watching.

What has been interesting is hearing what the “losers” have been saying as to why it didn’t go their way. I use the word lose and loser with quotation marks because I think that you don’t really lose, you just don’t get the person you voted for. Life goes on and beyond that, had the other guy won, there would have been a lot of pain in America, a lot of it put upon those who voted for him. Anyway, it seems to me that these learned pundits are so steeped in their own hubris that they can’t see it was the ideas put forth by the Romney campaign that alienated so many voters. Where they assign blame is to me, funny. I heard on man actually blame Hispanic voters for, well, voting. One said that Romney and the people on the right didn’t get their message across to women clearly enough. You’re kidding, right? I think women heard you loud and clear with your parsing of the word rape and your contempt for their First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

Don’t worry, dear Republicans, you will be back, well financed and ready to roll soon enough. For now, you’re sidelined but it won’t be for very long.

I don’t spend too much time gloating in that I want every American to get ahead. I am, like perhaps you are, tired of all the arguing and only interested in what can get done and getting to work to realize those goals.

I have a show soon. More later. 1821 hrs. 

11-26-12 San Francisco CA: 0951 hrs. At the airport. The plane I am supposed to go to Burbank on is still in Reno. We were to leave at 0938 hrs. The man at the gate has no updates. I won’t be in Los Angeles for hours.

I had a great time here in SF. The audiences were great and the venue looked after me very well.

A tour year goes by very quickly. I have been on the road for the most part since January. I still remember the first show. It only feels like a few months ago. That could also very well be due to exhaustion but I don’t feel tired or burned out on doing shows. Quite the opposite, actually.

A guy from the old DC music scene died a couple of days ago. I heard about it from someone I grew up with who lives here in SF. I had not seen the guy in a few years but the last time we spoke, it was good. He was at all the shows back then, a total fixture. He was a good guy. I have been thinking about him since Saturday. Death is an obvious part of the overall but when you have known someone a very long time, it stays with you.

I feel bad for the people in line in front of me. A lot of flights have canceled and people are scrambling to make new plans. I am hearing people on their phones, calling their offices about their flight options and what they will have to miss or change around. Some people’s day just got much longer.

2209 hrs. Los Angeles. The flight was three hours late taking off. I have not slept yet.  I am extremely tired as all this writing probably shows. I will be back onstage tomorrow night, so things will be slightly more back to normal.

Thanks for reading this.






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