1300 hrs. At the office. The last several days have been busy, enough to where I only remembered that I didn’t write anything here last Sunday only a few days ago.

Two days ago, Friday, I moderated a press conference for Black Sabbath. They are going to make a new album and release it at some point next autumn. They will be headlining the Download Festival next summer and after the album is released, the band will tour in North America in 2012 and then onward into 2013.

The event was held at the Whiskey. The relevance was that on 11-11-70, the band played the Whiskey. Pretty cool to think that Sabbath once played on that stage.

I see Ozzy now and then, drummer Bill Ward as well but it had been a long time since I had talked to Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, so it was good to meet up with them again. I was honored that they asked me to do this for them. There was no way I was going to say no but at the same time, I was pretty nerved up about the whole thing until I got onstage and then I was ok. I did an introduction and got some of the new facts out there so the press people could have them for their pieces and then when I brought the band out, I asked them several questions specific to the record and reformation, just to make sure we got all of that out there. The guys were in good spirits and the press people were very into it, so the whole thing went well and was over very quickly. 

Afterwards, I asked the band if that was ok for them, they all said it was good, Sharon Osbourne and Sabbath’s press team was happy with it, so I guess I pulled it off. Always great to see the Sabs, really cool guys who have not forgotten where they come from.


Last night, we did the radio show from Amoeba Records as part of their ten year anniversary. It was a pretty good time. It was hard to hear what was going on all the time and things got a little distracting, at leas the music was good and that’s the bottom line.

I am sure you are well aware of what’s been happening with the whole “Penn State thing”. What I don’t understand is, that for the “love of the game” or whatever you want to call it, people will look the other way when what happened—happens. I just don’t get it. I reckon the University perhaps runs like a closed society, where they have their own system of justice and taking care of things. Perhaps they didn’t think the news of child rape was going to get out of the confines of their control. Again, why would you let this slide? Because college football is a billion dollar business and the cost of several kids is part of the price of doing business? The whole thing is just awful. It was hard to believe what I hearing on the news.

This is a minor point but it’s a good excuse to make a recommendation. Today I read online that Fox News entertainer Bill O’Reilly’s book, Killing Lincoln, has come under some scrutiny for factual inaccuracies and has been banned from the Ford’s Theater bookshop. The article pointed out some of the errors and truthfully, while the fact checkers do have a point, the examples, if they are the most egregious, are not all that much to write home about. It’s not like they said O’Reilly said president Lincoln was killed by space aliens from Kenya. If the inaccuracies they listed are the worst, then the book needs some work but it’s not like O’Reilly is trying to re-write history. Past that, I will never know what is inside O’Reilly’s book. I don’t have time to read anything by him. He is a ridiculous man. All that being said, in the article I read, a historian named Eric Foner is quoted and that’s the thing I wanted to tell you about. Foner, a Lincoln scholar, wrote a book about Lincoln titled The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery. It is an incredible account of Lincoln and his evolving views on slavery. It is not always easy reading as it is fact heavy and quite dense but it is rewarding and you have to give Foner credit for such a dedicated and well-researched piece of work. I learned a lot from this book. I have read a few books on Lincoln, there are a lot out there, as you can imagine. So far, this is the most interesting one I have read.

I expect I will be reading about Lincoln for years to come. He was beyond interesting. From what I have been able to get from reading about him, he was a deep and hard to read man. If you read his letters and speeches, he has the English language by the tail. He had less than a year of formal schooling. Anyway, if you are looking for an American history book to read, this is worth groaning under its considerable scholarly weight.

I am writing all this while listening to the Boris album Absolutego at high volume.

I am heading to Cuba in a couple of days. I found a company that will take you to the Bay Of Pigs. It’s just some beachfront, I know, but I have never met anyone who has walked along it and I want to get that done, so I am going. I don’t know what communications will be like from there, so I could very well be off the grid for some time. I will be back when I am able.

Thanks for reading this. Henry





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