0907 hrs. At the office. Traditionally, this is the weekend when I get off the road for a little while and catch my breath. This year will be a little different. I will be in and out of town for another month or so.

I got back from Cuba a couple of days ago. It was an interesting trip and if you have not been, you might want to put that one on your list of places to go.

There is no way I could live there. It’s too slow moving and non moving for me. There are parts of Havana that are falling apart and while it looks somewhat beautiful in its decay, it’s still falling apart.

I didn’t meet any Cuban people who anything less than incredibly friendly. Cuba is a tremendous piece of land as far as what I saw. I wonder if there were parts of the country that Cuba didn’t want me to see. That’s the thing I couldn’t stop thinking about when I was there—that I was being told the better part of the story.

I did get to go to Hemingway’s home there, I never thought I would see that place. His writing room was worth the trip.

A lot going on this week. If you are in the Los Angeles area and have the time, there is a benefit happening for Drop In The Bucket. http://www.dropinthebucket.org/

It’s Wednesday night at the Avalon. I will be your host with the most. You can go here for more information: http://www.dropinthebucket.org/news/corey-taylor-and-friends.

December will be the month of the Dinosaur!: As you might know, earlier this year, Dinosaur Jr. played dates on the East Coast and rocked their Bug album in its entirety. I interviewed the band onstage before they did the set. It was not only a great time but also some of the best damn Dinosaur Jr. shows I have ever seen and I have been checking them since 1986. We are doing it again on the West Coast this December. Below are the dates. I can’t wait.

12. Costa Mesa CA @ Segerstrom Center for the Arts
13. Solana Beach CA @ The Belly Up
14. Los Angeles CA @ The Music Box
15. San Francisco CA @ The Fillmore
16. Portland OR @ the Crystal Ballroom
17. Seattle WA @ The Showbox
18. Vancouver BC @ The Commodore Ballroom

Also, on January 5, I will be at Largo with Jeff Garlin. He’s a cool guy and this should be a great night. http://largo.laughstub.com/show.cfm?id=121034. This is a charity event. All proceeds will go to Drop In The Bucket.

I don’t know if I have gone through all this with you yet but as I do at the beginning of a tour, I wanted to give you a few of the stats.

Next year, I will start a tour called The Long March. It will go through 2012 and hopefully into 2013. If you look on the site, there are dates set until about June. About seventy-five shows are on sale at this time.

I am getting a lot of letters from people asking why I am not coming to their city. Chances are, I am, just in the second half of the year. Someone wrote me from Minneapolis asking if I was going to go there. As if I would EVER leave out Minneapolis! No way. So, yes, I will be all over for quite awhile. You know me by now, I live for the tour. Being off the road, while now and then is not bad but for the most part, I would rather be out there, in it, doing it and having to prove it night after night.

What I am asking is this. If you don’t see your city listed, check this basic tour sketch below. It is what we hope will be the plan. This is at least, what we are working on at present. Things in life do not always go as planned but this is at least what we are trying for:

January: UK / Europe
February: Europe
March: USA
April: New Zealand / Australia
May: Australia / South Africa
June: Canada
July: TBA
August: Europe (Festivals, Edinburgh!!!, etc.)
September: USA
October: USA
November: USA
December: USA / TBA

That’s it, basically.

There are some ideas I have been working on that I will write about when I can. I will post them on the site. Cuba gave me a lot to think about. The Republican debates as well.

There’s a lot of stuff I have to get on today, so I better close. Thanks for reading this. Henry




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