1515 hrs. At the office yet again. Another busy week has blown by almost unnoticed trying to get it all done.

I was in New York City for about twenty-six hours a couple of days ago. The work, flights and lack of sleep made the weekend a bit blurry but I got all the work done. I was out there for meetings. Thankfully, the energy of the city is so immense that I was able to stay focused.

Tomorrow night, we start the Dinosaur Jr. shows. I am really looking forward to hearing the band play every night. I am still trying to get my head into the game that we will be onstage tomorrow night and every night after for the next week.

If you are at all a fan of this band and have the opportunity, this is a great chance to see a great band really deliver. I have been watching this band since 1986 and some of their best shows I have seen were this year. They are really killing it up there. Go here for more info: http://dinosaurjr.com/tour.htm

Not much to remark upon besides the topical. Reading online today of senator Graham’s assertion on Meet The Press that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is something out of the Stalinist era. He said that. Hey, I think you should say whatever you want if you’re going to be on national television, you might want to consider that at least a dozen people watch this show and at least half of them might take what you have to say with a slight degree of seriousness. Lindsey Graham, who has collie molester written all over him, should check out some history. To compare a financial regulatory agency that has a whole lotta oversight goin’ on to regulate its actions to something that would have happened during Stalin’s reign is a bit much but hey, go for it. It is not in the least a compelling point but it’s funny to read.

Rick Perry’s recent ad was a much needed comedic break. Damn, he’s fantastic. He’ll say anything. Thanks to him, we get these:


Thanks, goobernor!

I got back from the radio show last night and listened to music until almost three this morning. One record lead to another and before I knew it, the time had flown by. How many times am I going to have to listen to The Idiot by Iggy Pop until I finally have had enough? I don’t know.

Perhaps I will see some of you on the road this week. Can’t wait to check out the Dino jams!

Thanks for reading this.





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