DISPATCH   12-30-12 LA CA


0710 hrs. I hope you had a good holiday season, or a good break or something that was to your liking. When the phones are not ringing and there is a lack of structure to the day, I lose track of time. So, I don’t know if it’s been a good time or what as to the last two weeks.

I got a lot of listening done. I have done my best to make a list of all the records I checked out. I don’t know why I made the list, it was perhaps something to do. I got a lot of book work done but probably not enough. I had to listen to my body and mind and honestly, both were pretty tired from the tour, so I did what I could and will keep pounding away at it all as the days go on.

I have been up for awhile, looking at articles on the internet and reading the posts. Mainly the “cliff” and all the wrangling happening in Washington. Most of the numbers stuff goes past me quickly. It always has. I have to bring it down to a level where I can understand it, not always easy with this kind of thing. There is at least one concept that I understand. If too much money sits still, the works get jammed up. Like an engine without oil. You can raise taxes on some rich people and cut some spending here and there but what seems to me, a major chunk of change is still sitting still in a few bank accounts. The money sits and you are told to suck it up and get on down the road.

Americans are good. We work incredibly hard and are exceptionally decent people. I have not met them all but I sure have met a lot and I reckon, we are good. I think what we have now is a distortion of things. I think I am right about the money sitting still. The opposite of that would be that the money is moving around in the economy, allowing the pistons of commerce to move freely. Some would call that Socialism. I don’t necessarily agree but do think you need some more money moving around for things to even out. Otherwise, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happens when there are so many mouths and not enough food. So, some people will have it really hard. Hard to the point to where their lives will be horrible. At some point, it seems to me that your sense of decency has to kick in. I don’t see why America has to veer towards cruelty. I think it is below us. It is below all the people I agree with and disagree with in America.

On the other hand, some might want the social Darwinism to kick in and let all the “takers” just starve out and die off. Then you have what, the fittest? That would make Donald Trump fitter than a person who works at Wal-Mart. If that works for you, so be it. For me, that’s a failure.

As far as fiscal responsibility, I am all for it. Let’s close down a lot American military bases all over the world. The Cold War is over. You’re an American corporation with your workforce in China? Show me how much you love America and bring the jobs back here. Or, perhaps you can renounce your citizenship and move yourself and your family to China and live where you do your manufacturing. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. You’re a job creator, right? Cool! Wait, that would mean having to pay American workers much more than you pay the hard working labor force in China and that won’t do. Got it. Well, here we are.

It seems to me, you need to go all in. Invest in America, like five hundred years at a time. Like it’s the only thing to do. Value every young mind and see that person as the investment in not only your bottom line but your national security and overall health. I know that smacks a bit of equality and that makes some people nervous but it also rings of the Fourteenth Amendment. You say you like the Constitution so much, you should check out the Fourteenth, it’s my personal favorite.

What I see happening right now is a lot of people working very hard or looking for work. They are told that they suck, they are lazy and part of the problem. Boy, that’s going to get them fired up! How much do you want to wager that if there were no minimum wage, that there would be the exact same hourly wages paid in America as in China and Cambodia. Some companies would not hesitate. People piss me off all the time but I don’t have enough hatred of them do carry that level of hostility and ill will towards them, I just don’t have it. I want to live in America, not some freakin’ Dickens novel.

I don’t know where I get it from but through all these governmental machinations, my faith in the American people remains steadfast, like to the point to where I sometimes think I must be first day in New York City naïve but nevertheless, it remains unshakable.

Well then, what else? We finished up the last of the five David Bowie radio broadcasts. It proved to be a very interesting and intense ride. I listened to Station to Station, Low, Heroes, Lodger and Scary Monsters so many times in the last several weeks, I think I will be putting them away for quite some time.

Last night was the last radio show of the year. I have been at KCRW with Engineer X now for over three and a half years. It has gone by very quickly. I guess we’re not blowing it too badly, we have not been canned yet but there’s still time!

I am off the road now for awhile. I am waiting for some employment opportunities to manifest themselves so I have to stay put in Los Angeles and look for work. If I had my way, I would be heading to Europe in a couple of weeks to start the tour I just finished all over again.

Two things I mentioned last time that I must mention again:

For you Los Angeles based folks, I will be doing two sets at McCabe’s on Friday January 18th. http://www.mccabes.com/condata.html

Also, we pressed the End of Silence Demos onto a nice 2LP set that is available now:  http://henryrollins.shop.musictoday.com/Dept.aspx?cp=14511_59330

There will be a few shows here and there in 2013. I am already confirming some European festival dates for summer. We will keep you posted. Hopefully, I will have some time to get out into the world and get some good stories for the next big lap around the world. It can’t come soon enough for my liking.

Hang in there and thanks for reading this. Henry




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