BBC RADIO 6 Henry in for Jarvis Cocker, June 19 2016, 03/04


Henry Rollins in for Jarvis Cocker 03/04
19 June 2016

Hello BBC Radio 6 listener and fellow music fan. This Sunday, it will be our third show together. Hopefully, you are not missing Jarvis C too much and I am filling the breach adequately.

I am writing up these notes in Brentford, UK. Exciting! I am in body storage mode, waiting to go to Bilbao, Spain for a show.

I have been in England for a few days. I was at both the Download and Isle of Wight festivals. The Isle of Wight is a beautiful place. I had a day off last Saturday and was afforded access to the IoW Fest main stage and got to see Iggy Pop play for the fourth time this year. I always feel lucky when I am at one of his shows. So cool that he has 5’ 1” in the set now! It would be great if he chose to put I’m Bored in the set at some point. His band could get that one together in one soundcheck I bet. Iggy opened with The Passenger. Interesting choice.

Besides seeing Iggy’s show, the other great part of the day was when Captain Sensible ran by me and went into a production office. Captain sighting! I guess it would be cool to meet some big rockstars but for me, it’s always been the legendary punks that make me speechless when I run into them. Their music changed my life. I can’t thank them enough. When Captain ran by, I involuntarily yelled, “That was Captain Sensible!” People looked at me strange. I know it’s not Punk Rock to acknowledge someone as a legend. I think it’s fun to be a fan. It keeps me loose.

Jammed up in my little hotel room that peers into the windows of the building opposite, I have been listening to all the tunes we have assembled for your hopeful enjoyment. I think we bounced off all the walls of the record store without spreading ourselves too thin. I don’t think a radio show has to be overly eclectic. When I hear so much head wrenching in a two hour period, I conclude that the presenter is merely trying to show off. No one is impressed and often it leads to a distracted listening environment. Perhaps you have had the experience when you made mix tapes and attempted to maintain a balance and flow of some kind—even if you were the only one who understood it! This is what I try to do. Basically, I am aiming for a great C-90 that you can put on a year later and still dig it. Music know-it-alls are such a pain. First off, it is impossible to know it all when it comes to music. It’s like trying to catalog every grain of sand on the beach. You might have a lot of records and have listened to thousands of songs but there is someone else who has heard as much as you and hardly any of the bands are the same. At best, you are a student and frequent visitor to the temple. That’s one of the best things about music. You turn a corner and there is a new mountain of music to listen to. It never gets old to me. The opposite, actually. It gets more fascinating as I go.

Totally Off Topic, I Know, What Topic Dept.: I hope I am not wasting your time by utilizing decades of fanboy hindsight (whimsy) as this might be totally lost on you if you became operational in the digital age. I was raised on vinyl and tape. I still believe in them. Believe is the relevant word here. I believe the sound is in the grooves and in the magnetic particles. I know it. Sure, after time, records can wear out and tape can degrade but that’s noble compared to how digital just one day packs up and no longer works. It doesn’t even die. How could it? It was never alive to begin with! Point I’m making is that you should try to listen in an analog setting as often as possible. You hear music differently. It connects on a far deeper level than it does digitally. Being constantly on the move as I am, the need for portability forces me into digital playback situations. On the road, I try to listen music that was only released digitally anyway, so I can get it heard. When I am off the road, it’s a nonstop analog-a-thon. Too bad that tape decks are not as easy to procure as they used to be. I’ve got 5 decks. Carver, Denon, Tascam and Marantz. I’m always on eBay looking for another Tascam 112 MK II but they all look too hammered. At least turntables have made a comeback. England has some of the best audio companies in the business. Rega should make a tape deck. Their turntables are fantastic.

I spend a lot of time alone (apparently, writing show notes). It’s how I’m wired. Music is frequently on. Imagine that your room is a teapot and the air around you is water. Music is the tea you drop in the pot. It stains you. It becomes part of you. That’s why it better be good! All the tracks we rock on this here broadcast are easy to track down if you find yourself so inspired. You all have some great record stores here. I hope you visit them often.

Ugh! This is the next-to-last show. I am starting to experience end of summer camp depression, which I am sure is not listed in any medical book but it sho nuff is real.

Until next week!

Hour 1

01. Johnny & The Hurricanes - Reveille Rock / The Definitive Collection

02. Roky Erickson & The Explosives - I Walked With A Zombie / Halloween Live 1979-1981

03. The Sunnyboys - Happy Man / Sunnyboys

04. The Fontaine Toups – Sister / TFT

05. Brigitte Fontaine – Eternelle / Brigitte Fontaine Est

06. Sun Ra - The Antique Blacks / The Antique Blacks

07. The Damned - I Just Can’t Be Happy Today (dj edit) / Machine Gun Etiquette 25th Ann. Ed

08. Jah Stitch - Set Up Yourself Dreadlocks     If Deejay Was Your Trade

09. Terakaft - Itilla Ihene Dagh Aitma / Alone (Ténéré)

10. David Bowie - Hang On To Yourself / Bowie At The Beeb

11. Roxy Music - Both Ends Burning / Siren

12. Ennio Morricone - Lonesome Billy / The Legendary Italian Westerns

13. Boozoo Chavis - Dog Hill / Boozoo Chavis

14. Huun-Huur-Tu - Eerbek Aksy / Ancestors Call

Hour 2

01. The Conet Project - English Lady [E5] / The Conet Project

02. 999 - Feelin’ Alright with the Crew / Separates

03. David Lynch - Are You Sure / The Big Dream

04. The Velvet Underground - What Goes On (Live) / Velvet Underground Box set

05. Lower Plenty - Dirty Flowers / Hard Rubbish

06. The Buzzcocks - Airwaves Dream / Singles Going Steady

07. Joy Division – Disorder / Unknown Pleasures

08. The Cramps - Rockin’ Bones / 1979 February Demo

09. Arndales - Holiday Inns / Dog Hobbies USA

10. The Aquarium - Battle Of The Bands / single

11. Ran-Dells - Martian Hop / single

12. The Newcomers - The Martian Hop / Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1972-1975

13. Black Flag - Jealous Again / The First Four Years

14. Feels - Bird’s Eye / Feels

15. Vox Pop - Cab Driver / single

16. Iggy Pop – Funtime / The Idiot

17. Eno - Baby’s On Fire / Peel Session 03-05-74






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