KCRW BROADCAST #199   01–19–13


Fanatics! Here we go again with yet another reason why music is one of the best things ever. It’s a tremendous two hours of tunes.

This new Scott Walker album Bish Bosch s blowing my mind. He’s amazing anyway but Bish Bosch is all kinds of out there. It’s a hard one to suggest to anyone as it’s not all that enjoyable as much as it is an amazing thing to behold. It’s not a happy place record but it is sho nuff some genius work. This one on LP is incredible.

More new VUM. The single is out and here is how to get a copy:
http://vummusic.bandcamp.com/. There is even more good news from the VUM camp. They are working on new songs. I have one of them and it’s great. We will get to it soon. Perhaps we get an album out of the deal this year.

Some good albums have been coming in lately and tonight’s show is full of new jams. Goner Records just sent me two cool releases by the Barbaras and Ex-Cult. We rock them both tonight. New old Ty Segall with the Traditional Fools release and brand new, the soundtrack for the West Memphis Three documentary West Of Memphis. Tonight we listen to track one of the album which is me reading a letter that Damien Echols sent me from Death Row many years ago. The music you will hear is Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. That’s right! I can now wander into traffic.

Nico’s amazing album The End has been re-mastered and re-released with a second CD of extra tracks. So worth it. First off, the mastering is excellent and the other CD is a bunch of Peel Sessions she did that as far as I know, have never been released. They sound amazing as well. Tonight, we get into one of those Peel tracks.

Stop everything! You gotta check out the 4CD Heartbreakers L.A.M.F. box set. I had mine on advance order and it just came in. You get the Lost ’77 Mixes, the original LP mix, the album demos, which totally rip and then a whole CD of alt. mixes that I have not had the chance to listen to yet. This one is good to go! Some of you Fanatics have the LP version of the demos on Vinyl Lovers, I think. It’s not all that hard to find but this release has it all in one box. http://www.jungle-records.net/index.php/home/1-newreleases/89-heartbreakers-lamf-definitive-box. Tonight, we get at the demo version of Chinese Rocks.

Like I told you last week, Honey Owens sent me some cool records down from Portland and one of them was an album by Litanic, who are local there. Excellence! We feature a track of theirs and here is some info on them:
http://litanicmask.bandcamp.com/. Support the band!

Check out our next track by Bloody Amateur. This is Andy Comer from the great band Tel Aviv. The track is a free download from the Teenbeat site: http://www.teenbeatrecords.com/. It’s there, right on the front page.

I thought it would be a good idea to play more of that Evens album. I am loving this new album: http://www.dischord.com/release/180/odds. This is an interesting song about being at a venue and what happens all too often to bands.

I don’t know anything about Bastard Of The Skies but they are on the same label as Undersmile, the band we played a couple of weeks ago. They sent me some music and I thought we should put a track on tonight. I don’t know if we have played the Root Beer Barrels for awhile. I think we might have listened to Tell Your Man to Suck It at some point. It’s a great song but it might offend some of our more gentle listeners. Hopefully, Derelict Woman doesn’t do that too much. I love this band.

We finish our night with Funkadelic and then turn the whole thing over to Jason Kramer and call it a night. Perhaps I will see some of you the night before at McCabe’s. Get ready, get set and STAY FANATIC!!!  ––Henry

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Follow me on Twitter: @henryrollins

Hour 1
01. Scott Walker - ‘See You Don’t Bump His Head’ / Bish Bosch
02. VUM – Are You Animal? / single
03. Iggy + Zig Zags - If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up / single
04. Scientists - Murderess In A Purple Dress / Blood Red River
05. High On Fire - Rumors Of War / Death Is This Communion
06. The Barbaras – Grey Eggs / 2006 - 2008
07. Kemialliset Ystävät – Lammikko / Suurempi pieni palatsi
08. Traditional Fools - Allright / Traditional Fools
09. U.S. Maple - When A Man Says “Ow” / Long Hair In Three Stages
10. Texas Alexander – Levee Camp Moan Blues / Complete Recordings
11. Rollins/Cave/Ellis - Damien Echols Death Row Letter Year 9 / West of Memphis
12. Rollins/Chuck D – Rise Above / Rise Above WM3 Benefit Album
13. Tilt - Search & Destroy / 12”
14. Captain Beefheart – Hothead / Doc at the Radar Station

Hour 2
01. Ex-Cult - Shot the Beehive / Ex-Cult
02. Nico - You Forget To Answer (Peel ‘74) / The End (expanded)
03. The Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks (‘77 Essex Demo) / L.A.M.F. Definitive Ed.
04. My Cat Is An Alien Photoelectric Season #4 / Photoelectric Season
05. Litanic Mask – Executive / Litanic Mask
06. Bloody Amateur Companions / 2013 Teen-Beat Portable Companion
07. The Evens - Competing With The Till / The Odds
08. Bad Brains - Jammin at the Atlantis / Black Dots
09. Ramones - Carbona Not Glue (05-24-77 Birmingham UK) / CDR
10. Ramones - Sheena is a Punk Rocker / Rocket to Russia
11. Boozoo Chavis - I’m Ready Me / Boozoo Chavis
12. Bastard Of The Skies - Just A Horse / Ichor! Ichor!
13. Root Beer Barrels - Derelict Woman / Soft Hard Rock
14. Funkadelic - Cosmic Slop / HardCore Jollies






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