Live and Listening at the Echoplex with KCRW


On December 9th of this year, Henry will be doing something that he hasn’t done before.  That’s relatively rare because Henry’s done a lot of things.  This new adventure is a sort live studio audience version of Henry’s weekly KCRW radio show.

Says Henry:
“I will play stuff that I am unable to on my regular show, due to the rare nature of the material. I have been planning the set for weeks and am so excited to be able to get some truly unique tracks to your ears,” said Rollins. “Basically, the Echoplex will be my living room, you are the guests and I am playing some of my coolest cuts from decades of gathering, complete with the story around the track and its acquisition.”

For more info including how to buy ticket click here.

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Music - the Book


Henry was interviewed for a project called Music about a year ago and we’re just gotten word that that footage and the project itself is now seeing the light of day.  There is an ipod app, a book, and a film all focusing on the subject of Music.  An official description is below.  You can find out more info at or watch a preview of Henry’s interview here.

This month, Andrew Zuckerman is releasing “Music”, a book, film, and iPad app produced in collaboration with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  The Music project features dynamic portraits and interviews with extraordinary musicians who provide their perspectives on one of the most universal and yet unexplainable art forms.  The book contains portraits and edited interviews for each musician; it also includes the feature film, an exploration of the themes of music, inspiration, performance, collaboration, and success.  The iPad app features all the portraits and text from the book, but the text is sharable as well as self-editable into the same themes.  It also features individual films for each of the musicians and links directly to their pages on iTunes.

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