Double J Show #04   27–07–14


Well, it looks like our time together is drawing to a close. I hope you have enjoyed the ride. Of the four shows, I think this is my favorite.

If you were a fan of the great band Bikini Kill, Kathleen and Kathi from that band have a new thing called the Julie Ruin and it’s great. There is an album called Run Fast and a brand new single, a track from it starts the show. I saw them a few months ago, so great live.

I think you can have real impact with how you arrange songs. Team Doyobi going into Mississippi Fred McDowell really works for me!

It has always bugged me that I have never been able to find the original version of Crime & the City Solution’s song Adventure re-released on CD to make it a little easier to access but we brought it to you. I like the version on the Room of Lights but it was the first one that grabbed me so many years ago. I was very lucky to see them and years before, see the Birthday Party, giving me two opportunities to see Rowland S. Howard rip it up. What a player.

As I promised a few weeks ago, we check out Deadboy & the Elephantmen and track from their We Are Night Sky album. Why they never committed this one to vinyl I will never understand.

The Blind Willie McTell track, This Is Not the Stove To Brown Your Bread is one of my favourite songs of all time. I wanted to leave that one for our last show. Same thing with the Need’s Let Them Eat Valium. Really cool single without a lot of information on the band. One of the members contacted me a few years ago. I think he was living in Thailand as a teacher! Anyway, great track, pulled out of the ether and played for me years ago by music bloodhound Ian MacKaye of Fugazi.

This broadcast hopefully bounces all over the place in a good way. I think musical variety and radio show as killer mix tape is a great way to go. This is what we have tried to do here.

It feels like we have only started but suddenly it is done. I hope you dug the shows my brother in sonic jihad, Engineer X and I have prepared for you this month.

I hope you never stop listening to music. The more the better. When you have music in your life, it’s never over. Thanks. Raw Power.
–– Henry

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01. The Julie Ruin – Brightside / single
02. The Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks / LAMF
03. Minutemen - Joe McCarthy’s Ghost / Paranoid Time
04. Alternative TV - Action Time Vision / Action Time Vision
05. Hawkwind – Motorhead / Warrior On The Edge Of Time
06. Team Doyobi - The Solar Sailor / Cryptoburners
07. Mississippi Fred McDowell - Shake ‘Em On Down / Mississippi Fred McDowell
08. Public Image Ltd. - Low Life / Public Image
09. The Fontaine Toups – TFT / TFT
10. Weirdos - A Life Of Crime / Destroy All Music
11. X-Ray Spex - Oh! Bondage Up Yours! / single
12. Crime & The City Solution – Adventure / Kentucky Click
13. Charlie Parker - Bebop / Complete Savoy & Dial Studio Recordings
14. Frank Zappa – WPLJ / Burnt Weenie Sandwich
15. Coyle & Sharpe - Cake For Pronoun / Audio Visionaries
16. Georgie James - Cake Parade / Need Your Needs
17. Deerhoof - Heart Failure / Apple O’
18. The Mark of Cain - Walk Away / Ill at Ease

01. Felt Letters - 600,000 Bands / single
02. Television - See No Evil / Marquee Moon
03. DEVO - Social Fools / B Stiff EP
04. Johnny Dollar - Action Packed / Mr. Action Packed
05. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - It’s All Square / ECSR
06. Dee Dee Ramone - Hop Around / Hop Around
07. The Rolling Stones - Hang Fire / Tattoo You
08. Family Fodder - Savoir Faire / Savoir Faire: The Best Of
09. Rodriguez - I Wonder / Cold Fact
10. Tenor Saw - Ring the Alarm / 12”
11. The Don - Soul Dracula / Thai Beat A Go-Go Vol. 03
12. Kas Product - So Young But So Cold / Try Out
13. Deadboy & The Elephantmen - How Long The Night Was / We Are Night Sky
14. Blind Willie McTell - This Is Not The Stove To Brown Your Bread / Complete Works
15. The Need - Let Them Eat Valium / single
16. Raymond Scott – Nescafe / Manhattan Research, Inc.
17. Sort Sol – Abyss / Dagger & Guitar
18. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Carnival Is Over / Kicking Against The Pricks


Double J Show #03   20–07–14


Hello and welcome to the show notes for show #03 of our artist in residence stay at Double J.

This show was put together by myself and my brother in sonic jihad, Engineer X, observing all the codes and directives of the Southern California Sonic Allegiance to bring you nothing but the very best.

For this show, we thought it best to come out of the gate with some core gear right after our first track by the incredible Marnie Stern. I am a XXL fan of hers and perhaps cannot be objective but I find all of her albums to be excellent. Chronicles of Marnia is her newest and great all the way through.

The Mob track is one of my favorite songs of all time. I remember looking at the cover in the record store and buying it on the strength of the cool black and white artwork. I got it back to my micro apartment and put it on and the song Shuffling Souls confirmed why I went into record stores all the time and skipped meals for music. Always worth it.

We have a great Miles track tonight from one of my favorite albums of his, On The Corner. Smokin’! The critics hated it but years later, came back to the table and admitted they were wrong. Too late! I love this album.

I had to put a Butch Willis track on the show this week. He is a Washington DC area musician who made a few records which were saved from obscurity by Mark Robinson at Teenbeat Records. You might know Mark from his band Unrest. I can listen to Unrest for multiple album spins easily. My favorite of theirs is their last one, Perfect Teeth. Anyway, they broke the mold on Butch. You’ll see.

Track of the show has to go to Sonic’s Rendezvous. Fred Sonic Smith! What a player. I think his best stuff was in this band. Not saying that the MC5 weren’t great but for me, Smith peaked with this band.

Have you heard of the band Savages? Their album Silence Yourself is excellent. I have never seen them live but was told their last visit to Los Angeles was great. We have a track of theirs on for you.

I am not trying to play favorites by putting on another Le Butcherettes track into the mix. You might remember them from a couple of shows ago. While I was putting this show together, I was sent their new album Cry Is For The Flies. WOW! I had to put a track from it on right away, so we have that to look forward to. I saw them open for the Stooges a couple of years ago in Los Angeles and they blew me away.

I listen to a lot of Cambodian Pop music, thanks to all those great comp. CDs that have come out over the years. Really fun to crank up. When you check those tunes out, remember that Pol Pot took all those people out. Makes me hear the music quite differently.

Of course we have a healthy dose of the OZ in the mix for this show. It’s unavoidable. Too many great bands to leave them out of the mix.

Oh, I feel I need to explain a little about the last track of the night. It’s really awful but fun at the same time. Todd Tappin was a “singer song writer” who would give tapes of his awful music to my lawyer for her to place with publishers for exploitation. I would be fine with the guy if every time I met him, he didn’t give me this “how’s your little band?” rap. It was all I could do not to injure the guy. One time the lawyer was throwing out a bunch of tapes to make room and I snagged the Todd Tappin tape out and years later, made a CDR of it. Ugh. It’s the worst but I thought you might find it funny. He didn’t get far but he did make it to Double J. Hurrah!

Until next week, we serve Music.
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Marnie Stern - Year of the Glad / The Chronicles of Marnia
02. The Clash – 1977 / Clash On Broadway
03. Jah Lion - Soldier And Police War / Arkology
04. Iggy Pop – Funtime / The Idiot
05. Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer / Yong Loud & Snotty
06. The Mob - Shuffling Souls / Let the Tribe Increase
07. Killing Joke – Change / Killing Joke
08. Lightnin Hopkins - Mojo Hand / Mojo Hand
09. Miles Davis - Black Satin / On The Corner
10. The Puppies - I’ll Kick Your Ass / The Puppies
11. The Meat Puppets - Up On The Sun / Up On the Sun
12. White Fence - Destroy Everything / White Fence
13. Butch Willis & The Rocks - The TV’s From Outer Space / Repeats
14. Sleater-Kinney – Jumpers / The Woods
15. Total Control - The Hammer / Henge Beat

Hour 2
01. Sonic’s Rendezvous Band - City Slang / City Slang
02. Manu Chao - Panik Panik / La Radiolina
03. Tomorrow - My White Bicycle / Tomorrow
04. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Upside Down / 21 Singles
05. Savages - City’s Full / Silence Yourself
06. Cab Calloway - Reefer Man / 1932
07. PJ Harvey - Down By The Water / To Bring You My Love
08. Eddie Gale - Black Rhythm Happening / Black Rhythm Happening
09. Wire - Being Sucked In Again / Chairs Missing
10. Pink Fairies - Do It / Never Never Land
11. Bad Brains - Pay To Cum / Banned In D.C.: Bad Brains Greatest Riffs
12. Le Butcherettes - Demon Stuck In Your Eye / Cry is for the Flies
13. Sinn Sisamouth - Don’t Let My Girlfriend Tickle Me / Cambodian Cassette Archives Vol. 1
14. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - I Wear Black / Reverse Shark Attack
15. Flin Flon – Ukraina / A-OK
16. Jimi Hendrix - Burning of the Midnight Lamp (mono) / Singles Collection
17. Todd Tappin - Last Night / tape


Double J Show #02   13–07–14


Hello again, brave new listeners! Thank you for checking out last week’s show. It was great to read all the responses that came in, thanks for taking the time. If you’re just joining in this week, welcome to the show. These are the weekly show notes that let you see everything that we will be getting up to.

This show is put together by myself and my brother in sonic jihad, Engineer X.

This week, we move on and include some perhaps more eclectic selections. Please don’t think that at any time, we are trying to give you some lesson in music. We’re not professors, just music fanatics, here to bring great music to your ears.

Last week rocked pretty hard, and this week will as well but a bit differently. In this show, we go to Africa, Japan, Syria, Thailand, Germany and of course, Australia. Great music is all over the world and you have to run to keep up with it.

Almost all of these bands and artists can be found online if you find yourself curious for more. I spend a lot of time on the internet looking around for different music. If I hear of a band that sounds interesting, I look for a song on the internet. If I like what I hear, I search out the records. I have found so much great stuff this way. For example, on this show, Hisato Higuchi was one of those discoveries. I think I have all his stuff now and am digging it.

You might not have checked out Dax Riggs before. He’s got a track on the show. Just my opinion, he’s not to be missed. The albums are good but live, he’s incredible. I wish he would make records more often. His old band Deadboy & the Elephantmen did an album called We Are Night Sky. This is a listen and a half. One song in particular, How Long the Night Was. Whoa. If you stay with this show over the next few weeks, you never know, it just might turn up. Hint.

I think my favorite track of the night, well, it’s hard to choose but I think it’s the Chrissy Zebby Tembo track because of his excellent guitar tone. Check it out! That’s a great re-issue that came out a few years ago. Not a bad song on the album.

I think the most interesting track on this show is the Panbers track in hour 2. When you listen to it, think Janes Addiction. Strange how much Panbers sounds like Janes. The compilation album it’s from, Those Shocking, Shaking Days, is excellent.

I hope you enjoy the show, that’s what it’s all about. Music is the best thing humans ever came up with. I listen as much as I can. Until next week, thanks for checking us out.
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Le Butcherettes - Bang! / Sin Sin Sin
02. James Brown - Sex Machine / Revolution of the Mind
03. Frankie Ford - Sea Cruise / The Golden Age Of American Rock ‘n’ Roll - Vol. 7
04. Omar Souleyman - Leh Jani / Highway To Hassake - Folk & Pop Sounds Of Syria
05. Richard Berry & The Pharaohs - Louie, Louie / Have “Louie” Will Travel
06. Jay Reatard - My Family / Blood Visions
07. Cramps - Garbage Man / Songs the Lord Taught Us
08. Beasts Of Bourbon - Chase The Dragon / The Low Road
09. Roky Erickson - If You Have Ghosts / Gremlins Have Pictures
10. Hallelujah Chicken Run Band - Mudzimu Ndiringe / Chicken Run
11. The Wall – Ghetto / The Punk Collection
12. Funkadelic - Super Stupid / Maggot Brain
13. Suicide - Ghost Rider Suicide / Suicide
14. Damaged Bug - Gloves For Garbage / Hubba Bubba
15. Ooga Boogas - Neon Sunset / Romance & Adventure
16. Gene Defcon - Psycho Freakout / Come Party With Me 2000
17. Clarinette - Impressions Of “U Got The Look” / Network Transmissions

Hour 2
01. Unrest - Winona Ryder (Xy Version) / B.P.M. (1991-1994)
02. Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance / the Modern Dance
03. Hisato Higuchi - Sister Girl / She
04. Dinosaur Jr - Goin’ Blind / Kiss My Ass: Classic Kiss Regrooved
05. Farflung - Unborn Planet / A Wound in Eternity
06. Chrissy Zebby Tembo - My Ancestors / My Ancestors
07. Lydia Kavina - Mouvement Electrique et Pathetique / Music From The Ether
08. Dax Riggs - Living Is Suicide / We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love
09. Glaxo Babies - Who Killed Bruce Lee / Dreams Interrupted: The Bewilderbeat Years
10. Cluster – Caramel / Zuckerzeit
11. Palatnoi Songsim - I Love Thai Films / Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol. 02
12. The Victims - I’ve Flipped Out Over You / Tales From The Australian Underground - Singles 1976-1989
13. Panbers – Haai / Those Shocking, Shaking Days: Indonesia Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock And Funk 1970-1978
14. Ty Segall – Sleeper / Sleeper
15. Joy Division – Disorder / Unknown Pleasures
16. Tumbleweed – Stoned / The Waterfront Years 1991-1993
17. The Imaginations - Goodnight Baby / Memories Of Times Square Record Shop Vol 2

Double J Show #01   06–07–14


Hello. Henry Rollins here, thanks for reading this. As you probably know by now, I have four shows this month on Double J, as part of their artist in residence series. I was very happy to be asked and got right to work putting together these shows.

Every week, there will be play list notes like you see here. All the tracks that we will listen to and any other information that I can think of to hopefully somewhat satiate your boundless curiosity.

I have had a radio show in Los Angeles for about ten years. Since the start, I have worked with an amazing music maven, my brother in sonic jihad, Engineer X. We are part of the Southern California Sonic Alliance and we try to make our shows the very best. We have always had one aim, which is bring people to good music. That’s it. A long time ago, from living with my mother, I developed a fairly wide range in musical taste. We went to the record store all the time. I grew up listening to all kinds of music from all over the world. In this respect, I am very much a momma’s boy if you will because that’s how I am—always looking for new records to check out. And let me tell you, Engineer X and I scour the globe looking for the great stuff to bring you. It is our mission and our obsession.

You might not know this but I wanted to tell you. I have been coming to Australia since 1989. Over thirty trips I have made to your amazing country and I have learned that you all have one of the most happening music scenes anywhere. I’m not just trying to get you on my good side! It’s true and that being said, amazingly consistent. I always leave OZ with a bunch of new records to check out. Some of that is reflected in these four shows.

From our playlist below, you will notice music from fairly far and wide. We’re just getting warmed up! Quite a bit of Australian music figures into our shows because you all have so many great bands. As the weeks go on, hopefully, as we start stretching out, you will stay with us and let the music play. Four shows is very little time to roll out nearly a drop of what we want to bring you but we are happy for the time we have been given.

I made all four shows at once over a several day period. I was trying to make one huge show in four parts. I have played them back quite a few times and I am very happy with how they turned out.

What is important to me, anyway, is how much you dig the music. There is not a great deal I can do about personal taste but I do hope you like what myself and Engineer X have put together for you. Personally speaking, I have a great affection for your country and my amazing audience there and am extremely excited to get these shows happening.

If at all possible, listen to all four shows! Don’t miss a single one! Tell everybody you know!

Thanks again.


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Hour 1
01. Die Cheerleader - Massive Tangled Muscle / Son of Filth
02. The Ruts - In A Rut / Punk Singles Collection
03. Trin Tran - Dark Radar / Dark Radar
04. Tom Waits - The Return Of Jackie And Judy / Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
05. Ty Segall - Pretty Woman / Our Boy Roy
06. Crushed Butler - High School Dropout / Uncrushed
07. The Penetrators - Teenage Lifestyle / Basement Anthology 1976-84
08. The Four Plugs - Wrong Treatment / single
09. Pure Hell - No Rules / single
10. Dick Diver - Alice / Calendar Days
11. Melt-Banana - Left Dog (run, caper, run) / Fetch
12. David Bowie - Hang On To Yourself / Bowie At The Beeb
13. The Saints - Demolition Girl / Live at the Hope and Anchor
14. Minced Meat - The World’s Got Everything In It / Leather Donut
15. Slim Gaillard - Yip Roc Heresy / Sabros! Here’s Smorgasbord
16. Iggy & James Williamson - Kill City / Kill City
17. New York Dolls - Don’t Start Me Talking / Mercer Street Sessions
18. Jack Name - Puffy Cheek Town / Light Show
19. Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata / Pata Pata

Hour 2
01. Thee Oh Sees - Penetrating Eye / Drop
02. The Gun Club - Bill Bailey / Mother Juno
03. Crystal Castles - Good Time / Crystal Castles
04. The Ramones - The Return of Jackie and Judy / End of the Century
05. Fugazi - Glue Man / Peel Session 12-11-88
06. The Fall - Two Librans / The Unutterable
07. Soccer Team - So You Like It Vague, Huh? / “Volunteered” Civility & Professionalism
08. EL Guapo – Underground / Fake French
09. Antelope - Wandering Ghost / Reflector
10. Vum - The Jungle / Night Sun
11. Sun Ra - The Antique Blacks / The Antique Blacks
12. Steven R. Smith- Artesia / Liniments
13. No Night Sweats - Harry Wong’s Cat / Terrace Industry: M Squared Box 80 – 1983
15. Scott Walker – Phrasing / Bish Bosch
16. Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem - Petit Sapin / Vous Et Nous
17. Roy Orbison - In Dreams / All-Time Greatest Hits

Henry Rollins ‘guest in residence’ Double J Radio in Australia info


Hello. I thought you might want to know this. I was asked to do four radio shows to land on the four Sundays of July for Double J, a station in Australia.

They have a “guest in residence” thing in their Sunday afternoon format and asked if I would like to take part. I said I would.

Engineer X and I got together and put them together over the last few weeks. What I wanted to do was make one big show and break it into four pieces, so there would be some kind of flow to them, so that’s what I did. It was a lot of work but I think it worked out pretty well. All the shows have show notes, just like the one on KCRW and I will post them here in the news section of this site and tweet out the address when they are posted. These shows were not just dashed together, nor are they re-runs of old shows. They were made specifically for Double J.

The shows are all done and with Double J now. Here’s the address for info:

It’s 3 to 5 pm on Sundays in Sydney Australia. I think that’s Saturdays 10 pm on the west coast of America. I am doing that conversion in my head on not enough sleep so you better check that out.

Anyway, I think the shows are good and if you want to listen to them, they are there. I believe they have an archive system so you can listen later if you want to.

Here’s their general address if you want to check out what they do. It’s a pretty new station.

Thanks. Henry






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