12-22-11 For The Broken Hearted


John McCain is lonely for the good old days when American forces were in Iraq.

On 12-14-11, senator John McCain stood on the floor of the Senate and spoke about president Obama’s withdrawal of American soldiers from Iraq. He said, in part:

“Over 4,000 brave young Americans gave their lives in this conflict. I pray that their sacrifice is not in vain. I hope that their families will not mourn the day that their sons and daughters went out to fight for freedom for the Iraqi people. Unfortunately, it is clear that this decision of a complete pullout of United States troops from Iraq was dictated by politics, and not our national security interests. I believe that history will judge this president’s leadership with the scorn and disdain it deserves.”

I pity John McCain. The Arizona senator is a pathetic man. One of the best things to happen to America is that the McCain-Palin nightmare never had a chance to realize itself in the executive office. McCain would not on any level have been able to handle a presidential schedule and would have had to hand off to Sarah Palin, an astonishingly stupid person—far too often. This would have caused a major threat to National Security.

John McCain, however, is not alone in his pining for the good old days from last week when there were still some American soldiers in Iraq. Now the soldiers are back in America and instead of trying to find ways to help these amazing men and women find jobs and other opportunities now that they have returned, all he can do is whine like a bitch that his fucked up war is over.

McCain also let this little bit of senility-driven poetry dribble forth about the president’s disagreement with the troop surge in Iraq from a few years ago.

“All I will say is that, for three years, the president has been harvesting the successes of the very strategy that he consistently dismissed as a failure.”

Nap time. What would be the success that John McCain is referring to? Success in Iraq was achieved a few days ago: American soldiers left. 

John McCain and other hawks can’t handle that such a great thing is coming to an end. They dread the thought of peace. They don’t trust it. Peace is a gateway to progress, homosexuality and godlessness.

Hours ago, there was a report of sectarian violence in Shiite neighborhoods of Baghdad that have at this time, killed over sixty. People posted online comments:

“Blood on Obama’s hands.”
“You wanted us out…...”

So, it’s better to stay in Iraq, keep racking up casualties and spend billions of dollars? For some, yes. It’s not as if they are going to go but they are more than happy for someone else to spend time in the sand box.

There’s a glaring truth that McCain and Co. can’t handle: Iraq was better off under Saddam Hussein. Oh, but what about the rape rooms and the torture chambers? First off, the Bush administration never gave a fuck about the welfare of the Iraqi people, give me a break. Secondly, if the Iraqi people wanted Saddam Hussein and his miserable sons out of power, it was their country to re-take. You hate the idea of a nanny state so much, why the fuck did you turn Iraq into one?

I just wish John McCain and all the others who have harvested successes of their own in Iraq—the monetary kind, would come in through the front door and just be honest. The invasion and occupation of Iraq was a bitchin’ revenue stream that provided great returns. The American casualties, while regrettable, were just the cost of doing the business of Democracy and besides that, it’s an all volunteer military, so suck it up, sunshine.

McCain and other conservatives are still reeling from the fact that a black guy became president, put the war budget in plain sight for all Americans to see what it cost, repealed DADT, fucking killed Osama Bin Laden and had the audacity to actually end military operations in Iraq, sans codpiece. All good things come to an end and now and then, bad ones do as well.

Apparently, Iran, perhaps the next battleground, has a downed American drone. Now that drones will be running surveillance ops on Americans, perhaps we can look forward to online images of rowdy patriots surrounding a downed-by-Glock drone on a hot Texas street.

History will absolutely judge John McCain. It will bring its heaviest disdain paddle and it will not be gentle. It is time for this weird old man to shuffle off.






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