Henry Rollins ‘guest in residence’ Double J Radio in Australia info


Hello. I thought you might want to know this. I was asked to do four radio shows to land on the four Sundays of July for Double J, a station in Australia.

They have a “guest in residence” thing in their Sunday afternoon format and asked if I would like to take part. I said I would.

Engineer X and I got together and put them together over the last few weeks. What I wanted to do was make one big show and break it into four pieces, so there would be some kind of flow to them, so that’s what I did. It was a lot of work but I think it worked out pretty well. All the shows have show notes, just like the one on KCRW and I will post them here in the news section of this site and tweet out the address when they are posted. These shows were not just dashed together, nor are they re-runs of old shows. They were made specifically for Double J.

The shows are all done and with Double J now. Here’s the address for info: http://doublej.net.au/programs/artist-residence

It’s 3 to 5 pm on Sundays in Sydney Australia. I think that’s Saturdays 10 pm on the west coast of America. I am doing that conversion in my head on not enough sleep so you better check that out.

Anyway, I think the shows are good and if you want to listen to them, they are there. I believe they have an archive system so you can listen later if you want to.

Here’s their general address if you want to check out what they do. It’s a pretty new station. http://doublej.net.au/

Thanks. Henry






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